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Meet 14 Y.O. Sunaina Rawat, Whose Undefeatable Spirit Is The Inspiration You Need Today

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  •  May 14, 2019

Agriculture has been the backbone of the Indian economy, yet farmers on whom the entire responsibility lies of raising the crops face a multitude of problems due to various factors.

Be it the loss of crops due to climate change or a lack of resources leading to poor crop cultivation, most framers at the end of the drill are left with a small volume of produce for themselves, and most importantly suffer at the hands of the middlemen who render them meager wages. Highlighting the problems faced by them was a 14-year-old girl from Uttar Pradesh’s Mohanlalganj, Sunaina Rawat, who aspires to make it big in life and come out of the shackles of poverty.

On May 7, NDTV aired a special report that saw Dr. Prannoy Roy in conversation with Sunaina Rawat. From talking about her daily routine, the barren fields that the family toils to make ends meet, and how getting into a private school is expensive to accomplish her dreams, Sunaina’s story brings out the harsh realities of life faced by children of farmers, yet her determination and confidence exude hope.

Talking about Sunaina, Dr. Roy shared, “We were travelling in rural Uttar Pradesh covering the elections, and stopped in this scheduled caste village just to chat with people living there. Our conversation actually started with a young woman who had recently moved there after being married. She was a first-time voter so we thought her opinions would be of interest. However, she seemed a bit diffident in answering our questions and to our great surprise, she was being prompted, most confidently, by her young sister-in-law. This was our first introduction to Sunaina, of class seven she told us proudly, who very quickly took over the conversation… Our cameras did not stop rolling once in our interaction with her, so the story was virtually unedited from beginning to end. Our camera team—Soni and Habib—did wonderfully in an unplanned, spontaneous situation.”

Sharing with Dr. Roy the problems faced by the family, Sunaina gave a sneak peek into her household and discussed how they manage their living with the basics. Showing an empty gas cylinder, Sunaina pointed out the lack of money that leads to a lot of problem. The video which is barely edited makes the audience have a look into the life of the teen, of how she walks from her home to the fields after school in order to help her father.

“If you have seen our story, you could surely not help but be struck by the wisdom beyond her years and by the complete absence, not a trace, not a tiny smidgen, of self-pity as she recounted the grinding nature of her daily life. Nor did any of this appear to defeat her spirit nor stop her from dreaming her dreams—just like any young girl anywhere in our country,” shared Dr. Roy.

When asked what she aspires to be, Sunaina was quick to answer, “I want to become a doctor. That is the only thing I hope for because a lot of people in the people in the village fall ill. If I become a doctor, I will stay here and would charge less money. In anycase, if any doctor comes from outside, they usually take more money from the people. I will open my own hospital one day.”

One of the most heartwarming aspects of Sunaina’s story remains that despite all odds her father has always motivated her to study, as no one else in the family has been fortunate enough to acquire education. Check out Sunaina’s story here:

Sunaina’s Story: In A UP Village, A Young Girl Will Not Be Defeated

Sunaina Rawat, a 14-year-old girl from Uttar Pradesh’s Mohanlalganj, is not a voter but she is living every single election issue first-hand. Sunaina and her family embody the story of the scheduled caste voter in the state that will be most important in deciding who governs India next when results for the Lok Sabha elections are announced on May 23.

In order to support Sunaina’s education, NDTV has launched a campaign that invites people to donate money which is being looked after by the Gargi & Vidya Prakash Dutt Foundation. Donors will get quarterly updates on how the money is being used.

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