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Meenal Patni: Patient Department Head in her tender 25

  • IWB Post
  •  February 23, 2015


Women in twenties are no longer girls lingering around. Meenal Patni is 25 and is the Patient Department Head at Fortis Hospital, Jaipur. To know more about her career path, we met Meenal!

JWB – Hello Meenal, we will talk about your profession and how can other Jaipur women perceive this path.

Meenal – Let me begin with talking about my previous jobs that have contributed in polishing me as a capable person. I started working from a very young age of 18.DSC_0100 I worked with an art gallery and then Kingfisher Academy. I attained the basic qualities of working from the very beginning. When I got to know about the current opening of ‘Patient Welfare Officer’ at Fortis, I quickly applied and got through it.

JWB – Aren’t there any specific educational qualification required for this kind of post?

Meenal – No. All you need is patience to deal with every kind of person coming to hospital, communication skills and the personality that is authoritative.DSC_0125

JWB – Talk about the difficulties and sacrifices you have made.

Meenal – Since I started young, my social life and health got affected quite a bit.DSC_0111

JWB – Talk about your team at Fortis.

Meenal – I have a team of 6 well-learned Doctors. All women, and people call us the ‘Powerpuff girls’DSC_0145

We take charge of one floor each to check if a patient needs anything towards his better treatment. 1A (1)We are like the Human Resource Department in the hospital whose only concern is the well-being of people coming here.DSC_0102

JWB – Sounds good. Go on…

Meenal – Every department and doctor is answerable to us in case a patient complains. We use this power very humbly and compassionately. DSC_0150

JWB – And how is it dealing with different kinds of patient every day?

Meenal – Kind of tough. Sometimes they are angry and throw outrage at you. At this moment, we need to be calm and composed, and listen to them. They might abuse you, but you have to be cooperative.DSC_0155

JWB – Most difficult part of your job?

Meenal – Even if it is 2 in the morning, I have to answer the patient’s call. The official number is being provided to patients for assistance. So I always have to be alert and cannot afford any kind of mistake.DSC_0146

JWB – Coming back to your women-team, we can see most of them are elder to you. How does it feel to be their boss?

Meenal – Being younger to them, at times, makes me feel shy while guiding them about  some instruction. DSC_0109But we are like sisters and having a team of women is good because you can speak openly about things and get honest reviews from them. We share gifts, celebrate birthdays together and steal each other’s lipsticks all the time!!DSC_0134

JWB – What scope does this job profile hold?

Meenal – I would like to switch to other departments like pharmacy, security, house-keeping, etc in order to learn more. This shift is possible in any Fortis branch all over India. DSC_0106

JWB – How does it feel to be at this position in your mid-20s?

Meenal – Empowering. I can feel how much I have groomed from within and outside. I have developed a confidence which makes me believe that I can achieve anything once I am determined. I think every woman, who needs to feel the same, must explore herself.DSC_0121

JWB – Lastly, what do you expect from your marriage?DSC_0144

Meenal – I look forward to a husband who understands the importance of my job-type. As I said, he shouldn’t be making faces if my office phone rings at wee hours of the morning. My work is demanding.

JWB – We wish you all the very best. DSC_0160

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