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MasterChef Shipra Khanna Reveals The ‘Sinful’ Things We Can Find In Her Kitchen

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  •  February 11, 2018


In 2011, Shipra Khanna won the popular cooking reality show Masterchef Season 2. But the journey to becoming a Masterchef didn’t come easy for Shipra.

Married at the age of 19, and mother of two children, when Shipra enrolled in the auditions, at the age of 29, she was going through the most difficult time. Tortured and abused by her husband and in-laws for dowry, she found solace in cooking. When she entered the show, she was fighting a bitter custody battle for her children.

However, after winning Masterchef India, there was no looking back for Shipra. She has been a part of many cooking shows like Pure Sin on Food Food, etc. She has also authored two books, “The Spice Route,” and “Sinfully Yours,” and has opened a restaurant in Ahmedabad, House of Taste. img_3

In an exclusive interview with IndianWomenBlog, Shipra talked about her love for cooking. Here’s a sneak-peek into the life of the most glamorous Indian chef.

We heard you started cooking early. What was your master recipe at nine years old?

Shipra: I just picked up some vegetables, water and added some spices. And, after it boiled I added some noodles to it. Turned out looking like nothing, but tasted good. 

If a dish could tell us the story of your life, what its name and its recipe would be?

Shipra: Shipra’s Spice Trail – The recipe will be anything made with the primary ingredients being love and passion.

At what point are you in your career at the moment? Simmering. Boiling. Frying. Explain.

Shipra: Simmering, as I won’t evaporate if I simmer. And I’ll keep the boiling and frying moments for various other stages of my life.

What was cooking in your head when you got through the auditions of MasterChef India?img_2

Shipra: When I got through the auditions, cooking good and good looking food was on my mind.

Any secret from the show, the viewers don’t know of?

Shipra: Lots of them! *giggles* I’m sure those moments are better as secrets.

What kept you going through MasterChef battle while you were facing the turbulent times in your personal life?

Shipra: God and Faith! Those are the two things I pray to remain with me forever. 

Amen to that!

One person, you’d like to thank for turning the taste of your life from bitter to sweet?

Shipra: Wasn’t one but many people. MasterChef organizers, Star TV, the advertisers, and most importantly the viewers. It was truly the hand of God and the blessings of millions of well-wishers that made my life sweet beyond imagination.

What is your favorite food-based movie?

Shipra: Julie and Julia 

One must-try recipe from your book?

Shipra: Pan Ras Malai and Garam masala Carrot Cake!

According to you, why is it si difficult for women to survive in the male-dominated industry of chefs? 

Shipra: Well, that’s a myth now as we, the women, are scoring everywhere. And, I believe that the women are more focused than men these days.

One cooking disaster that’ll haunt you forever? 

Shipra: Happens all the time! *burning my toast*

What is that one thing we can find only in your kitchen?

Shipra: My love and me *smiles*

Now, I get the ‘Sinfully Yours’ reference. Lol!

One episode from the culinary journey in Australia you’d like to tease our taste buds with?

Shipra: Yarra Valley was an amazingly memorable trip. There were lots of wineries with a great selection of wines. Also, there were many dairies with excellent types of cheese along with the restaurants which made fresh ciders.



You wish perfume would be made of this food.

Shipra: Lemon and strawberry salad

One ingredient you would take to an isolated island? 

Shipra: Milk and coffee

One food you never share?

Shipra: I always share my food.

One food you don’t have guts to eat but would like to. 

Shipra: Double chocolate brownies with ice cream!

One food item you keep away from your kids.

Shipra: Chocolate

P.S. You can know more about her work on her website here.

Photo Source: Shipra Khanna Facebook

This article was first published on November 10, 2016.

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