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‘Marriage Kamasutra’ Shows How Life Actually Looks Like After Marriage?

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  •  July 27, 2015

Artists Simon Rich and Farley Katz did a project together making colored comic strips titled ‘Marriage Kamasutra’ to show what most of the people experience after marriage. Some studies tell that couples reduce having sex after marriage, which ultimately affects their relationship.

Exactly this thought has been captured by the artists drawing pictures with different scenarios between a husband and a wife. What is funny is the way they have named each position..err..situation.

Have a look at the hilarious yet informative illustrations showing the life of those who are not really enjoying their sexual life:10a_1437911271 9a_1437911514 8a_1437911489 7a_1437911461 6a_1437911438 4a_1437911396 2a_1437911346 1a_1437911300

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