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Manisha Kachhwaha’s Bambaiya Pohe: 15 min rescue for Moms

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  •  January 29, 2015

When we are hungry, we waste no time. Last week we knocked the doors of Mrs. Manisha Kachhwaha who has grown up in Mumbai before marrying her beloved in Jaipur. One of her nephews (our teammate) suggested us that she knows how to cook the famous Bambaiya Pohe, and we took the opportunity in hands!

Manisha – This is a quick something that can be prepared in just 15 minutes. That means, when your children howl because of hunger between the lunch and dinner time, this dish can save you.DSC_0244

JWB – We are ready!DSC_0190

Manisha – Unlike Rajasthani pohe, this one needs lots of onion and absolutely no tomato. All you need is:

Some beaten rice (poha) in water for 10 minutes so that they don’t take much time to get cooked.DSC_0195

Other ingredients: 3 tspn oil, 4 chopped onion, 1 tspn mustard seeds, 2 green chili, chopped coriander, salt to taste, 1 tspn red chili powder, ¼ tspn turmeric powder, kadi patta, and some drops of lemon juice and peanuts. DSC_0194

Let us begin with heating the oil. Once done, fry the peanuts and put them out. DSC_0207Then reuse the oil and add mustard seeds to it. Like regular Indian recipe, add the chopped onions till they turn golden.DSC_0193  DSC_0206Add the kadi patta and fried peanuts soon after in order to retain their original taste. DSC_0212

Now add the chopped green chili.DSC_0216

Manisha to her husband – Do you mind stirring it for a while. I will chop the coriander till then.DSC_0235

Sumit is an ideal husband who is not only good at handling their two small daughters (5 & 2) but also lending a hand to Manisha in the kitchen.

Sumit - Manisha's husband

Sumit – Manisha’s husband

Manisha – Once done, it’s time to add the soaked poha in the mixture. Stir for just 4-5 minutes and it is done!DSC_0220

Sumit – And I shall add the turmeric and red chili powders too.DSC_0221


JWB – Wow, that was fast.

Sumit – Aha, it looks beautiful.DSC_0233

Manisha – I would garnish it with fresh coriander leaves.DSC_0225

DSC_0237Sumit – How about you add the lemon juice onto it!

Manisha – Thank you dear, I was about to.DSC_0242

Sumit – Thank you Jaipur Women Blog for asking her to make it. She has almost stopped cooking it for me and only does it when a guest demands.DSC_0191

JWB – So how Rajasthani poha snack is different from this one?

Manisha – First, we use no tomato in it. Second, it has lots of chili – green as well as red. Third, you can further add chopped onion to garnish unlike Rajasthani Poha that has namkeens over it. They taste amazing with hot tea, enjoy yours!DSC_0246

Our team enjoyed the garma-garam poha snack that cold evening with hot tea. What a bliss! Surprise your family with this Mumbai style poha today!DSC_0240

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