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Maneka Gandhi Did Facebook Q&A & Broke The Internet

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  •  September 15, 2015


When Maneka Gandhi, the Union Cabinet Minister for Women and Child Development, came online to live-chat with general public on Facebook yesterday, it was considered something special and remarkable.

I’m here for the next 30 minutes to take your questions. So ask away. – Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

Posted by Facebook on Sunday, September 13, 2015

She invited people to write questions on this FB post saying- “I’m here for the next 30 minutes to take your questions. So ask away. – Maneka Sanjay Gandhi”

Within seconds, thousands of questions poured in. Have a look at few of them:

Q: Yesterday, I cried.. a small boy was washing clothes in Allahabad railway station.. he was washing clothes along with his mother.. is this is what that kid deserves.. is this his destiny ? mam i was helpless.. please suggest a way.. i never want to see this again ma’am.

MG: One reason for poverty could be that people have children without being able to care financially for them. Then they treat their children as simply another pair of hands. Yes, it is heartrending to see little children at work when they should be in school – specially since that is compulsory. Do I have an answer ? No. It will depend on each one of us to as much good as we can. Instead of just feeling sorry why not take the trouble to meet the child’s parents , see if you can organise a school nearby, help get some clothes etc for the child and keep an eye on it. If each one of us took the responsibility for another human’s wellbeing – outside our circle of comfort- we might change India. The problem is that everyone believes that they should do nothing but complain and that the ” government” can do it all.

Q. In your opinion who is the biggest culprit in child becoming child labor?

MG:  The parents.

Q. We love animals, sadly animal meat is necessary in our Naga diet. How do we protect animals when we are so fond of their meat?

MG: Meat is not necessary in any diet. It brings disease and increases human and animal suffering. If you love animals then you need to be vegetarian. You cannot love animals and eat them.

Q. Hi ma’am is there any new rules to contain women begging with children on streets ? Most of the children are trafficked for begging is there any new government project to stop this inhuman activity ?

MG: There have always been laws about begging, kidnapping etc. The point is : can “government” or its wings : the police stop this terrible practice or can every individual take it upon himself/herself NOT to give money , report the matter to CHILD-LINE, push the local beat policemen who allows it. If there is constant pressure , we can end this.

Q. I’m being chased by stray dogs. Any solution?

MG: Find a tree


In the end, she even wrote a message saying: “Thank you all. I think I am done for the day – I have answered over 200 questions. However if you still want to ask please do so and I will answer as many tomorrow and for the next two days and then next month. No more now. I will do this on the 1st of every month for a few hours so get your questions ready and put them on my ministry’s Facebook account by the 1st.

We’re so waiting, Mrs. Gandhi!

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