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Managing 3 Enterprises At 103, M. Pappammal Shares The Secret Of Longevity

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  •  September 12, 2018

On an ordinary day, you will catch M. Pappammal doing what she’s loves best- tending her field in a small indiscrete village in Tamil Nadu called Thekkampatti. However, what makes the story of her ordinary days extraordinary is Pappammal’s age.

At 103, Pappammal is not just actively cultivating her fields but is also running a provision store and an eatery. Honestly, that’s more work than most of us can imagine doing even at a young age. Her story is truly an example of how hard work and perseverance can make you rise above your circumstances.

Born in 1914 to Maruthachala Mudaliar and Velammal in Devalapuram village, Pappammal lost her parents at an early age. Following their parents’ demise, she and her two siblings were brought to Thekkampatti by their paternal grandmother and that is where they grew up.

Post her grandmother’s demise, Pappammal inherited her provision store and from thereon assumed its responsibility. A little while after settling into the business, she also started a bakery and then bought some 10 acres of land from the earnings. Financially well off, she then decided to bring up her sisters’ children.

Pappammal was also politically and socially active in the early years of her life. She was appointed the councillor of the village Panchayat in 1959 and used to be a guest of honour at the debates organised by the Tamil Nadu Agriculture University (TNAU). Being a great fan of M. Karunanidhi, she was also a member of the DMK party.

While she has given away a major portion of her land (7.5 acres approximately) to her sisters’ daughters, she still continues to cultivate millets, pulses, and vegetables in the remaining part. To add to it, the provision store and the eatery are also run by her.

Pappammal proudly shares that hard work, a straightforward attitude, and staying clear of mental worries is the secret of her long and healthy life. She calls biryani served on a banana leaf her comfort food and continues to enjoy her mutton soup twice a week. That’s some cheerful information for all of us who live for the love of biryani, right?

H/T: The Hindu

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