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Man Recreates Photos Of His Late Wife With Their 3-Year-Old Daughter

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  •  September 15, 2015


In 2009, Rafael Del Col married Tati before which the couple took some studio-pictures together. Tati died in an accident after 4 years of marriage but left behind their beautiful daughter, Raisinha.

To pay homage and remember his late wife, Rafael came up with this amazing concept to recreate all those pictures with their 3-year-old daughter. Check them out:man-and-his-daughter-recreate-pictures-of-dead-wife-rafael-del-col-brazil-1 man-and-his-daughter-recreate-pictures-of-dead-wife-rafael-del-col-brazil-2 man-and-his-daughter-recreate-pictures-of-dead-wife-rafael-del-col-brazil-3 man-and-his-daughter-recreate-pictures-of-dead-wife-rafael-del-col-brazil-4 (1) man-and-his-daughter-recreate-pictures-of-dead-wife-rafael-del-col-brazil-5 man-and-his-daughter-recreate-pictures-of-dead-wife-rafael-del-col-brazil-7 (1) man-and-his-daughter-recreate-pictures-of-dead-wife-rafael-del-col-brazil-8 man-and-his-daughter-recreate-pictures-of-dead-wife-rafael-del-col-brazil-12 man-and-his-daughter-recreate-pictures-of-dead-wife-rafael-del-col-brazil-13 man-and-his-daughter-recreate-pictures-of-dead-wife-rafael-del-col-brazil-15

Isn’t it soooo beautiful? (I think, I am going to cry now.)

And just look at the little girl, she looks so happy impersonating her mommy. In his blog, Rafael writes, “It’s clear that we still live this pain, the longing, but we are well, we are happy.”

And if you want to witness their behind-the-scene fun, check out this video!

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