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Making of ‘Business Lullabies’ with Jaipur’s DPS & Sheroes

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  •  April 27, 2015


OMG, look at these tiny tots from DPS School! We met this happy bunch over a discussion with DPS’ Principal, Seema Bhatnagar, for our new campaign with the school “Business Lullabies” in association with Sheroes and DPS.

The campaign aims at wiping out the stereotypes about women who return to work after maternity leaves._MG_1336a

We met these kids who will be the stars of this campaign. How? These children will go to a corporate office where they will give a presentation on how capable their mommies, who took work sabbatical for them, are. And, why no workplace should doubt their mommies’ capabilities!

The preparations are going on in full swing and the kids are readying themselves for the D-day. About that we will talk later, right now let us just focus on their unlimited cuteness!

See how cool they were on being called at their princy’s room.

Kids with Seema Bhatnagar, DPS Principal

Kids with Seema Bhatnagar, DPS Principal

Those giggles revealing their fallen milk-teeth totally won our hearts!_MG_1377a

Some of them even narrated us incidents describing their levels of naughtiness. ‘I click my mum’s photos while she rests in afternoon’, said one of them._MG_1374a

We caught this moment when our Blogger, Lavanya, met this little ‘Lavanya’.

JWB's Blogger Lavanya

And guess what, our team’s Priyanka thinks she looks like Kalki Koechlin. We second her. And you?

JWB's Priyanka Saini interacting with Lavanya Sharma

JWB’s Priyanka Saini interacting with Lavanya Sharma

Check out this Bff-moment. _MG_1401a

Bffs who, of course, hug and air-kiss each other._MG_1406a

…and were experts in making faces._MG_1396a


Keep an eye on this page for you don’t want to miss seeing them talk live in front of SKODA professionals!

Photographer: Shashank K Tyagi

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