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Makarand Deshpande: “My Sarla is demanding”

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  •  December 17, 2014


I couldn’t let go the opportunity to meet Makarand Deshpande when he was in Jaipur last week to present his play ‘Sir Sir Sarla’.

Along with artists Aahana Kumra and Sanjay Dadhich, Makarand was caught in action interacting with the media. Being just a year old, and not very familiar with the world of journalism; Jaipur Women Blog fought its way through the crowd of journalists to find a place to stand. Still considered a man’s world, TV and newspaper journalism suddenly became my war field. Amidst all the loud manly voices, hard-hitting elbows and staunch looks that were passed on me, I was determined to have my quality time with the artists who have travelled all the way to Jaipur to showcase their love-bound play.

Someone shouted: ‘How can you ask question when we are sitting with Mr. Makarand?’ Another said: ‘My cameraman has to leave, let me go ahead before you.’ It took me a while to absorb the tang of media world after which I replied back: ‘However, the rule of ‘first come first serve’ applies everywhere, even at this café of JKK. Let me do my job so that you get enough time once I am done.’ They backed off. Hurray!


By the time I looked back at Makarand, he was already smiling and offered me to sit beside him. Those 4-something minutes with this humble gentleman, who was probably mesmerized by my novice courage, will always remain valuable in my life. Below are the excerpts of my conversation with the actors:

JWB – Hello everyone. Since we’re women’s blog, the questions will solely revolve around women. Makarand, your play has a hint of love in it with a female protagonist. Right?

Makarand – Speaking in an artist’s voice, this triangle has love shown towards the teacher gelled appropriately with respect.

JWB – What deeper message you want to give to the society with this play?

Makarand – My Sarla is demanding.


JWB – Go on..

Makarand – Women in our country must thrive to become like Sarla. She is beautiful because she is bold and knows what she wants from her life.

JWB – Aahana you are playing the role of Sarla, a girl who is in love with her professor. Is it hard for women artists to play bold roles without getting affected by the surroundings?

Aahana – It is, but then you have to forget who you are. It’s good to wear the skin of your role as early as possible.

JWB – Makarand, why have you chosen this particular play to be shown during Jaipur’s Jairangam?

Makarand – It wasn’t my choice but Aahana’s.

Aahana – What? No. It is Makarand sir’s decision.

As we shared a laugh, I requested Sanjay to indulge in the talk. At that he replied – ‘I am not a star, they are.’

Makarand – You know his role is filled with bone-tickling one-liners. I am sure he is going to gather maximum number of claps after the show.


Indeed. Sanjay’s character ‘Phanidhar’ was rather phunny.

JWB – So Aahana, we see a certain kind of freedom in theater. What women can learn from it?


Aahana – To be a thinker. Every actor has to rehearse a lot before finally coming on the stage live. I think women can learn to be an intellect of their own life before taking any final action. This will also help them become independent.

JWB – Makarand, we are interested to know your current state of mind towards women before the play, considering you play the center role whom everyone loves.


Makarand – Woman has been my inspiration throughout because I lived my initial day in her for 9 months! That’s a big deal. I was developed in her womb and learnt to breathe along with her. I feel bad seeing this woman becoming fragile and losing her freedom. How can she doubt her choices? For example – why she seeks the world outside to know if her love is true? Why can’t she go ahead with her choices! Being wrong doesn’t make you corrupt forever.

JWB – Imagine you are making a film with a female protagonist as the main character. What kind of man would you like to cast beside her?

Makarand – A supportive man.

Aahana – Someone sensitive.

Aahana in conversation with JWB

Aahana in conversation with JWB

There are times when you understand theater people in a jiffy, like this one. However, sometimes their words just fly over your head. Just like the night before, sitting right next to Makarand and Aahana unconsciously in a club, I almost don’t remember their whiz talks.

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