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Maj Meet Gen Madhuri Kanitkar, The First Woman Dean Of Armed Forces Medical College

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  •  February 13, 2018

When you pioneer in a field you fight a war like no other by creating a space for yourself against all the odds. Major General Madhuri Kanitkarhas certainly has done that as she has become the first woman dean of Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC).

Although it’s not the first time that this resolute woman is creating a niche for herself. She is also the first trained pediatric nephrologist of the armed forces. The woman who boasts of setting up units to monitor kidney ailments in children in Pune and Delhi all by herself, is now back to her alma mater but this time as a dean.

In an interaction with The Indian Express, she said, “Being part of the AFMC has taught me a lot. Now, it is time to give back to my alma mater”. Madhuri Kanitkar had no clue about what AFMC was or had no dreams of joining forces till the time she was in class 12. Madhuri was told about it by one of her friends, was left smitten by the neat and clean vibes of the college and everything fell in place as she completed her MBBS from AFMC as a topper and a gold medalist.

MBBS was then followed by a post graduation in Paediatrics. She later received a training in Paediatric Nephrology from AIIMS and pursued some fellowships from Singapore and London. She started her career in the early 90s and the brave woman fought no ordinary fight there as the field was dominated by the opposite gender.

While talking about AFMC, Madhuri said, “Health care requires disciplined caregivers. Every medical college produces doctors, but here students are trained for three noble professions — soldier, doctor, and teacher”. She also added that returning to AFMC was like “adding life to years and years to life”.

Madhuri certainly is a glaring proof that a woman can do anything that she sets her heart at, no dream is too big and for those who dare sky is the limit. We at IWB salute this beautifully resolute human.

H/T: The Indian Express

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