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Maharashtra Government Announces Virginity Test Of Brides To Be A Punishable Offence

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  •  February 8, 2019

Communities across the world have prized virginity and, as a result, virginity tests before being accepted as a wife have been conducted over centuries, which allow grooms to annul their marriage if their wives have not “proven” their purity. Such demeaning customs are still prevalent in some communities in the state of Maharashtra and to put an end to it, the Maharashtra government is soon going to make it a punishable offence.

The Minister of State for Home, Ranjit Patil, along with Shiv Sena spokesperson Neelam Gorhe met a delegation of some social organisations on Wednesday to take an action on the prevalent issue.

In a statement, Ranjit Patil said, “Virginity test will be considered a form of sexual assault…after consultations with the Law and Judiciary department, a circular will be issued declaring it a punishable offence.”

He even said that the department will hold a bi-monthly review of cases of sexual assault and will ensure that such cases do not linger on for a long period of time in the courts.

This dehumanising custom is allegedly followed in the Kanjarbhat community among many others and some youth from the community have even launched an online campaign against it.

H/T: The Hindustan Times 

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