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Aastha Agarwal

IWB Intern

Magic Mommy Mukta Gives JWB Cool Tips & Tricks To Upcycle Diwali

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  •  October 14, 2016


Just when I was humming “It’s a beautiful day …” at work today, I was teleported into the house of this incredibly sweet Jaipur Mommy, Mukta Makhijani Basanadani. Her creativity is to do kamal out of kabad. She is like Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother who transforms an ordinary pumpkin into a sky-high carriage.

Anyway, the best part of her art is that you don’t have to be good at art and crafts for this. *Thank God, else she would have regretted inviting me…believe me she would’ve banned my entry* Her ideas are extremely easy to implement. They are totally worth trying and will surely make your home look a lot cooler.

So now that Diwali is just round the corner and you have gone on a Diwali cleaning spree, wait before you make a call to your raddi wale bhaiya. Mukta might just have the right idea for you.

Well, this is what her magic hands have remoulded so far…

Out-grown T-shirts:

When your husband has completely discarded his t-shirt and you are also done wearing it as your night dress *I do it all the times… ;)* You can make amazing cushion covers out of them instead of using them as Pocha.

Used Glass Bottles and Glassware:

OK, so I entered this room and told her, “What lovely Chandeliers! Where can I get these?” She laughed and said,” These are my husband’s beer bottles.” *What? Amazziinngg…* Looking away! *I am a complete dum-dum when it comes to art*


Her new found love for fairy lights could be seen everywhere in her house. And believe me it made the place look surreal.


Also, we tend to get bored of using the same glassware again and again, don’t we? So this Diwali if you are planning on getting some new glasses, this is what you can do with your old ones.


“I just spray-painted them,” she said. That simple? *I chuckled*


See how Acrylic and Glass Paint can do wonders. “Guys come here, pick one for you” she said. While I was all Yaayyy… in my head. I said ” No, No …we are good.” I am such a bad actor that she could totally make out that I so wanted the one with a Mooch.
muktaShe wasn’t much of a poser until she met me…;)


This was a gift that she gave to her husband on their first anniversary. And by the way it was her anniversary yesterday. She treated us with a super delicious homemade chocolate cake *Komal, Lavanya…it was yummm…Just saying…;)*

Anyway look at these decorative jars. She had made these arty pieces for a baby shower. Aren’t they super cute…you can also use them as candle stands or for serving dry fruits this Diwali.


And how can I miss these cute little candles…



“I never use table covers,” she said. Of course you don’t need to when you have such beautiful Dupattas to complement you furniture just right!


Look at me hankering after this Dupatta turned into a table cover.

Invitation Cards and Disposable items:

This one is my favorite. She said, “A lot of people collect invitation cards in an attempt to create something out of it but they are unable to figure out what.” She very inventively used the invitation cards as banderwal.


Paper Plates – Very unusually, she gave out beautiful paper plates as an invitation for her daughter’s birthday. I am definitely going to try this sometime.

Toothpick – This one was super simple. Using golden cello tapes, she made these small toothpick flags which can also be used to decorate your cake.


Disposable Glasses – She made buckets out of disposable glasses and turned them into Diwali goodies. This way you can pack dry fruits, chocolates or whatever you want.


Shampoo Bottles – The boring shampoo bottles can be fun too, you know…Some are done by Kim, her daughter who is as much of an artist as her mum.


Old Bed Sheets:

“A beautiful table cover you have got there,” I said.

Surprised much? These are bed sheets and pillow covers turned into a table cover. She has got magic brains, magic hands, magic everywhere…


For more ideas, subscriber to her Facebook page ‘Creativity At Home’ which is pretty amazing. I have already figured out what to try next.

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