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‘Made In Heaven’ Directors On How Liberating It Is To Have No Censorship Barriers

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  •  March 13, 2019

Amazon Prime Video’s new web series Made In Heaven, revolving around the reality of the Indian marriage market, has been making quite a buzz. It addresses issues regarding hypocrisy, prejudices and the mindsets of urban affluent families where partners cheat each other, take loans for elaborate wedding expenses and even hold pageants for the search of the right girl.

In a recent interview with the FirstPost, the four directors of the series- Zoya Akhtar, Reema Kagti, Nitya Mehra, and Alankritra Shrivastava spoke about how releasing the subject not as a film saved them from censorship issues and box office diktats.

On the liberating experience of not having to face censorship issues 

Zoya: Yes, of course. We have the freedom to show things that we can’t in movies.

Alankrita: Definitely, it is liberating because you don’t have to wait to get it passed by the censor board or worry about the cuts it will get, but at the same time, I try not to filter my thoughts considering in India there is a kind of self-censorship built into us. But just because these barriers are not there, you don’t put just anything.

Reema: Everything is there in the show because it is very valid in the story and events. We have shown what is needed for the characters, for the story. In terms of even sexuality, there is a conversation that is very valid in the realm of the show and that is why it is there, and of course, because we can.

On no box office diktats

Nitya: Yes, we all know that. We are all sufferers (laughs out loud).

Zoya: Yes, of course. But there are two things. It is a double-edged sword. It is more relaxing because there is no opening weekend stress. There is no competition because you don’t really know. Secondly, you know if a show is liked or not and now it is purely on merit of the content. So you can’t hide behind, ‘You may not have liked it but I made so much money’. Now, it is actually about the work, so that can be a good thing and that can also be scary.

Alankrita: What is nice is that it shuts down conversation about how this film has made these many crores. It is interesting because you are watching content for content and then you can make a choice whether you like it or not. But these box office numbers, that everybody in the world is talking about, is ridiculous.

H/T: The First Post 

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