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#LoveYourselfAsARebel: Blogger Kanupriya Agarwal’s First Solo Trip To Goa Set Her Free

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  •  March 3, 2018

For Women’s Day, IWB recently launched a self-love campaign called #LoveYourselfAsARebel. Our first post talked about the joys of solo trips, and after we published it, one solo traveller got in touch with us about her first such trip. Below, read Kanupriya Agarwal‘s experiences of her first solo trip, as published on her blog, What Kanu Did.

I was one of the four speakers at the women wanderers meet up by Holiday IQ in 2014! The topic was travelling within India. To my surprise, I heard stories of how women were traveling solo all across the world! And I had never gone for a vacation all alone! For me, it was such a new concept. But, that day, I decided that come what may, I will definitely go on a vacation all by myself. What I didn’t realize back then was that a) it’s not going to be easy to leave my baby behind and go and b) I will love it so much that I will want to keep doing it.


Fast forward to November 2017: My dream to holiday alone was still a dream. Meanwhile, I did travel for work and with friends, leaving my child alone for a day and that was it. However, this was the time, I thought I should just do this without thinking a lot. I discussed it with my husband. Since I was sort of adamant, I managed to convince him to babysit for two nights (three days), which also meant him taking one day off from work. I zeroed in on Goa as the destination as it was a one flight easy destination to go to from Mumbai, with not much to see or do, thus, I could just relax and be.

My reasons for going solo were plenty, actually. First and foremost, it was to get out of my comfort zone, do something I had never done and tick an important activity off my bucket list 😉 I also planned what I was going to do in those three days that I was away – it would be to introspect, read and write. Yes, I can do all this in Mumbai too, but, I wanted to do this at peace, and for a longer duration.

I told my parents and friends I am going alone. The reactions ranged from being surprised (rather shocked) to some people even calling me mad. Some were jealous and some thought I was fooling around. My mom was one person, who insisted that I let her come with me as she thought maybe I couldn’t manage alone. Even while booking the tickets, my husband asked me several times if I was actually sure. Finally, the tickets were booked from 12th to 14th January 2018!


January 2018: As the days passed, I started thinking if I really want to do this, especially because it was not really a ‘necessity’ and I was worried sick about leaving my son behind for two nights. But, the more I talked to my friends, they motivated me, cheered me on, and also gave me a whole list of new (read: exciting) things to do while I am there!

I still remember that moment I left my home, saying bye to my husband. The guilt was killing me. And he, on the other hand, was acting super cool.

Airport scene: It was actually pretty awkward. Realization 1: Nobody goes to Goa alone for a vacation! I saw two groups of girls travelling to Goa in the same flight as mine. Then, of course, several groups of men were also there.

In the flight, I was seated in between one lady and one man.

I asked the lady: Are you also going to Goa alone?
She: Yes!
I: For a vacation?
She: No, I live there.

Just when I thought I had found somebody like me.


In Goa, nobody cares a damn about who has come with whom or if you have come all alone. They are not surprised to see a female solo traveller!

I stayed in Radisson Blu, which was connected to the beach. It was a beautiful resort with very pretty colorful cottages. I love all things colorful. I went to the beach a couple of times, got a temporary tattoo done, read my book there, went for shopping. I also rented a bicycle one day and went around the entire resort. It was an amazing feeling. I felt like Alia Bhatt from Dear Zindagi. I went for dinner to a Greek restaurant in Radisson. When I entered, I was trying to look for a table. The server asked me if I want a table for one. That was the time I realized, oops..! I want a table for just one! But, apart from that, it was absolutely cool. I had no apprehensions in sitting alone and eating or reading anywhere at all! Let me mention, before this trip, I had never gone to even dine alone anywhere, let alone on a vacation!


To conclude, this was one vacation I will always remember. I must credit my husband for making it possible for me. He was a super hands-on dad while I was away! I suggest everybody, especially those with busy lives, to go for a solo trip once in a while (and not just once in your life). Everybody deserves it!

All pictures and content have been taken from Kanupriya’s blog.

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