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  •  October 11, 2018

IWB thinks it is time we put an end to the unsolicited censorship on our words, desires, and lives, but more importantly to the shame that was never ours in the first place, the shame that we wrap our sexual desires in. We are thus taking the pink out of the blush with our campaign UNBLUSHING.

As our campaign partner joined hands with us, we embarked on our pursuit of understanding what it is that inhibits women from openly acknowledging and celebrating their sexuality. We wanted them to lay bare their sexual desire as a euphoric celebration of their sexuality, and talk about sex, unabashed and unblushingly.

Thus, as a part of our campaign, we got our interviewees talking about sex toys. Our conversations with them revealed some major problems pertaining to purchasing and possessing a sex toy in India. For instance, drag queen Kushboo (Ikshaku Bezbaroa) shared, “I don’t know where to find sex toys in India. So, I have never had an experience with buying one, but I do own a dildo. Once at home, somebody bumped upon it and asked me weird questions. It’s embarrassing but it’s okay.”

“I do have a sex toy. One of my friends gifted to me and many of my other friends have them too. Yes, I have used it. In fact, sometimes when women talk about masturbation and discuss what works and what not, then you just recommend somebody that you should go and get one,” said Sreepoorna.

Another woman that we reached out to reiterated what others had raised earlier i.e. the difficulty of getting a sex toy in India. She said, “The access is a big problem in India. It’s not like we haven’t gone scouting for them, all to no avail though. There is so much which I want to try in sex, but the problem remains that most of it requires some sex toy or the other, the access to which in India is a big issue.” Thus access, clearly, came out as one of the major issues. Finances were next.

Transgender activist Akkai shared, “Though I have never used any sex toys, I have used vegetables for masturbation.”

However, luckily for us, has a solution for sex toys woes in India. They offer sex toys, in all shapes, sizes, prices, and varieties, that you can select from a wide glossary, order online, and get at your doorstep packed neatly and discretely. And the best part? They have one for everyone’s need! Here are a few of the treats that has in store for you all:

  1. Angelo Classic Vibrator


The Angelo is a well designed vibrating dildo you can pack in a purse without anyone noticing it. Its curved edge is designed to please both your clitoris and your G-Spot! You can buy it here.

2. Miss Bi Rabbit Vibrator


A luxury vibrator with two motors and 36 settings, Miss Bi is sized perfectly to hit your two best spots. The vibrating dildo comes with two different buttons for each of the shafts and three different vibration intensities for each shaft. There’s so much you can do with Miss Bi that it just doesn’t make sense that you don’t already own it. You can buy it here.

3. Jam Classic Vibrator 


Jam is a beginner-friendly one-speed vibrating dildo. The Jam is small enough to fit in your palm, versatile enough to massage any part of your body. The tip is bent slightly for when you want some focussed G-spot action to bring you to a mind-blowing climax. You can buy it here.

4. Jazzie Classic Vibrator


Jazzie shows that quality can be sought even within a budget. This one-speed mini vibrator’s slim and slender design and its single passionate vibration level produce a targeted sensation, making for a truly indulgent moment you’ll keep coming back to. You can buy it here.

5. Amorino Rabbit Vibrator


This rabbit vibrator’s unique design features a twistable stimulation band which carries the vibrations across larger areas around the clitoris for a whole new sense of pleasure. The soft curve stimulates the G-spot. You can use it externally as well as internally for dual stimulation. You can buy it here.

Don’t they all look irresistible? But wait, we have something more in store for you all. is offering a 10% discount to everyone who uses our campaign name ‘UNBLUSHING’ as the coupon code. Now that’s some added pleasure, right?


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