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Looking For Vegetarian Recipes? Archana’s Blog Hebbar’s Kitchen Is Here To Help You

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  •  February 23, 2019

You must all know about Buzzfeed’s popular Tasty videos and other channels like So Yummy. But years ago, what was absent were equally engaging Indian food blogs and channels and that’s when Karnataka’s Archana Hebbar came up with her own food blog- Hebbar’s Kitchen.

Today her blog has over 9.3 million followers on Facebook and 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube. Their app alone has one million downloads on Android and nearly 500,000 on iOS.

Archana’s journey as a food blogger started when she moved to Australia with her husband after she got married and was finding it difficult to get a job, so she decided to pursue her hobby—cooking.

As blogging was just getting popular at the time, she created her own blog and posted a few basic recipes along with photos.

“Hebbar is my husband’s surname, and a common one in Udupi, Karnataka,” she shared. “When I was thinking of names for my blog, I decided to use it because it’s a part of my identity and also helps me connect with vegetarians. I thought of making shorter videos for Facebook, and the response was amazing.”

Hebbar’s Kitchen has a “no onion, no garlic” policy, hence providing its viewers with vegan alternatives.

“My husband and I plan the entire week’s schedule well in advance. We include recipes from different categories which helps users try them in their daily routines,” shared Archana. “It is not just preparing the dish. It also involves showing how the dish can be prepared in a simple way.”

“It is really nice to receive messages from parents about their kids trying recipes from my kitchen. They thank us for helping their kids develop an interest in cooking,” she added. “Hebbar’s Kitchen began as a hobby. It became my passion and is now my profession. I was always interested in cooking, but never thought it would take me so far!”

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