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Lavanya Bahuguna


#LiveTweetYourPeriod Is The New Trend Online. Participate!

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  •  June 24, 2015

#LiveTweetYourPeriod hashtag was started in November 2014 to break the social stigma around periods. It was to encourage women to talk freely about their periods, hence eliminating the taboo attached to menstruation.

Even today the women are tweeting about it liberally and it’s awesome! Have a look at some of my favorite tweets:

Of course, there are hundreds of those who talk about how difficult it is to live during periods:

For some, periods are inspiring:


For some, it’s a relief. Lol.

And these are the hilarious ones:


For me, periods is an opportunity. Not talking about the scientific reasons behind it, but because during these days I get to behave like a woman. After all, it’s hard to keep the thighs close to each other and sit delicately.

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