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Listen To Lady Gaga’s Powerful Song About Rape

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  •  September 23, 2015


Remember the video made by Ultraviolet about campus rape which JWB had shared earlier? Now, it is none other than mother monster Lady Gaga, who have taken up the cause.

Her song, Till it happens to You, is a chilling reminder about the attitude of the society towards campus rape survivors. The song is part of a documentary called The Hunting Ground, which deals with the increasing number of campus rape cases in the USA.

The video for the song shows various instances of sexual assault and sometimes in graphic ways. But it should be this way isn’t it? It is one thing for armchair activists to sit on their high horses and condemn rapes and sexual assaults but what about the victim?

Not only does the society makes the life of a survivor difficult by constantly reminding her about the incident, she also finds herself completely alone, fighting against a hostile world.

“You tell me hold your head up

Hold your head up and be strong

Cause when you fall you gotta get up

You gotta get up and move on”

The first few verses of the song deals with all the usual ‘pep talk’ that people have for rape victims. ‘Things will get better. Don’t worry. Be strong.”

But is it really possible for this hypocritical world to understand what she feels?

“Tell me how the hell could you talk,

How could you talk

Losing till you walk where I walk,

This is no joke”

In the next line, the song captures the helplessness and anger that she feels after being tired of these fake sympathies. The video exposes the real menace of campus rape as a guy is seen unbuttoings his pants and goes on to rape two college girls, who he had drugged. It is then that the haunting voice of Lady Gaga, is heard crooning.

Till It happens to you, you don’t know how it feels, how it feels

Until it happens to you, you won’t know, it won’t be real

No it won’t real

I know how it feels

Watch the video here:

The true moment of defiance comes at the end of the video, when along with other protesters, the survivors walk hand in hand, silent eyes spitting fire and a plea to end the monstrosity called rape.

Let us hope that this anti-rape anthem sung by one of the biggest stars and women achievers in music, will make the world see the threat that campus rapes pose to humanity.

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