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Line Severinsen’s Instagram Account Shows What It’s Like To Be A Mother

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  •  November 21, 2015


Illustrator and mother of two Line Severinsen’s Instagram account will show you the reality of a mother’s life. She started drawing few illustrations during her pregnancy period back in 2012. After which, she started posting them online in order to tell the world how it feels to be in a mother’s shoes!

She tells, “I thought to myself that there is no way that no other people felt and looked like I did. So I wanted to create a counterpoint to help people like me to understand that they weren’t alone and that it is OK to feel and act less than perfect sometimes. It’s really rewarding to see that my drawings and experiences are resonating well with so many people … I now have a 3-year-old girl and a 5-month-old boy, which guarantees that I won’t run out of stories for many years to come.”

Have a look at her work:

When you are so swollen that you look like the Michelin man? #pregnant #secondtrimester #thirdtrimester #pregnancyhumor

A photo posted by ?? Line Severinsen (@kosogkaos) on

Are anyone a furry ??! Oh those lovely pregnancy hormones? #preggoproblems #pregnancyhumor

A photo posted by ?? Line Severinsen (@kosogkaos) on

Have you had any pregnancy cravings?????? #preggoproblems

A photo posted by ?? Line Severinsen (@kosogkaos) on

Always a joy to travel with kids ?✈️ anyone who feels the same?? #travelwithkids #mommylife #mom_hub #mamma

A photo posted by ?? Line Severinsen (@kosogkaos) on

Co-sleeping! ? the only way "we" can get enough sleep. Anyone else? ?

A photo posted by ?? Line Severinsen (@kosogkaos) on

You can follow her at kosogkaos on Instagram.


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