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#LetsTalkSex: Sex For Fertility Is Not Worthy!

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  •  June 23, 2015

Till now Jaipur’s Sexologist Dr. Saatiish Jhuntrraa, owner of Vivan Hospital, has spoken about the trend of virginity among teenagers, pre-marital sex and abortion. Today, through this discussion, let’s gain some insight on the topic of fertility, and how it has become a reason of breaking relationships in today’s world.

Reasons: The work pressure, constant changes in lifestyle and stress related to it, wrong eating habits, consumption of tobacco/drugs are few reasons that generate infertility. Irregular periods, PCOD, diabetes also play a significant role in fertilization of eggs.

Cases in Jaipur: I usually get 15-20% cases of infertility in Jaipur. About 40-45 cases of infertility are found in women. The problem arises when the eggs don’t mature properly, hence conceiving becomes difficult. There are also times when the man is not fertile. Most of such cases are fixed with proper medication. I have witnessed many success stories.

Impact on life: Sex is the basic need of life. It helps create a strong bonding between the partners, and gives a sense of security and confidence. If this joy is missing from the life, relationship can suffer. It’s a common occurrence that people divorce and the reason is unsatisfying sex. Many a times, I am required to counsel the couples who blame each other and seek separation because they can’t get pregnant.15

Sexual pleasure: I also tell my patients to not run after having a baby. One must feel the pleasure intimate relationship holds. If you don’t focus on the latter, conceiving a child will just become a responsibility. It’s such a grave issue in Indian culture, though.

Solution: Surrogacy, IVF are some options. Even adoption is a saintly process many couples are following nowadays.

Suggestion: Maintain a healthy lifestyle from your younger age. If you face the issue of infertility, take no time to consult a doctor. There isn’t any shame going to a sexologist and discussing the required actions needed.

Note: If you want to seek help and aren’t comfortable meeting the doctor face to face, you can start with Vivan Hospital’s online consultancy. Click here.

Photography by: Nupur Agarwal

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