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#LetsTalkSex: Everything You Wanted To Know About Abortion

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  •  June 19, 2015


We’re back with our conversation with Jaipur’s Sexologist Dr. Saatiish Jhuntrraa, owner of Vivan Hospital. Dr Saatiish, who is also a sex counselor, has previously spoken to us about the issue of Virginity among the young generation.

Another topic that arises while discussing sexual relationships in youth is abortion. After reading a case of an 18-year old girl in Vijaywada, Gujarat, we decided to focus on this conversation more than anything. She was pregnant and the father of the child, her fiancé, had refused to marry her. After she underwent abortion in a hospital without any doctor’s supervision, she developed infection in kidney and liver which resulted in her death.

Let’s learn and get more aware about the pre-marital sex and the pregnancy dilemma related to it from Dr. Saatiish:

About: These days, we see most of the people in their 20s being in relationships. They are independent and are aware of their choices made. Having sex for some with their partners is a part of that relationship. Problem only arises when pre-marital sex starts harming your health and probably, the relationship itself. And this isn’t a common thing between a girlfriend and her boyfriend; people who are partially engaged also get involved in pre-marital sex. Some may call it immoral.13

Reasons: The lack of comprehensive sex education, unlimited access to contraceptives, finding easy treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and rebellious nature of some youngsters serve to increase the amount of premarital and extramarital sex people participate in.

Scenario in Jaipur: Couples come to me for counseling because sometimes they don’t find each other good in bed. This, therefore, becomes a reason hampering their marital relationship. They seek solutions from doctors.

Sometimes I get cases where the girl gets pregnant just few months before their wedding. Fearing the relatives and social-image, the engaged couple come for counseling.

Aborting: Legally, abortion can only be done till first 3 months of pregnancy or 20 weeks approx. Legally, India does not allow second trimester abortions. Consent of one doctor is needed if the abortion is done within first 12 weeks, after that, 2 doctors are needed for the consent. There are also cases of high-risk pregnancy where excessive bleeding happens.2

Roles of parents: First, each individual must be responsible for his own actions. If you’re in your twenties, I guess you are wise and mature. Second, parents are requested to not make a hue & cry about the situation thinking what relatives and society are going to say. Focus on how you can manage the situation. Keeping calm is one of the ways.

Are you following our open talks on sex with Sexologist & Sex Counselor Dr. Saatiish Jhuntrraa? In case you’ve missed something, click here.

Photography by: Nupur Agarwal

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