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Minal Khatri

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Let’s Make This Ganesh Chaturthi Environment-Friendly With These Fertilizer-Dissolving Idols

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  •  July 15, 2017


Ganesh Chaturthi feels like a mega baraat. It’s a time when everyone wants to dance and perform religious offerings to Bappa in return for bhog ka prasaad.

But, we also remember how things steer once the idols have been submerged into the water. Our rivers were polluted and there was an endless waste curb out. However, this won’t be the scenario this year and all thanks to Nilesh Tupe.

Nilesh Tupe is an auditor and cow shelter owner from Nerul, Maharashtra. With the motto of go green, he has created Ganesh idols with cow dung, this year. He is using cow dung that is specially sourced from gaushalas in Rajasthan. These idols can be immersed at home and the dissolved material can then serve as manure.

“I heard about the initiative from some of my colleagues at the Sangh and thought it was a perfect way to help farmers and promote sustainability,” says Tupe. “Our ancestors have been celebrating festivals while also preserving the environment for a long time.”

Tupe, who maintains a 25-acre gaushala with over 60 cows in Kharghar, has been selling these Ganesh idols for a week now. He has been providing this service from home in Sector 10 of Nerul. With the wide range of idols available with him, he sells the cheapest one at Rs. 101, which is a three-inch model. The biggest model available with him as of now is of 12-inches, costing Rs. 2,200

He says, “Every year, hundreds of thousands of people immerse Ganpati idols made of Plaster of Paris and other pollutants, harming many water bodies. I want to make people aware of the fact that it is possible to continue the tradition while preserving our environment, something our ancestors did very effectively.”

With this eco-friendly design, Tupe has attracted countless buyers with total sales of 10,000 idols across Maharashtra. His newly setup business has not only been grateful but also profitable. “Many people are excited by my product because of its simplicity and the purpose behind its creation. I have people coming to Nerul from all over the city to buy these Ganpati idols. The sales have been rising,” he adds.

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