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Let Us Show You The Power Of Makeup

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  •  July 27, 2015

Who says wearing makeup a sign of insecurity? Whether you use it to cover up insecurities or to glam up before a party, make-up has the definitive power to transform a dull face or unhealthy skin into something likeable.

Check out the below pictures we’ve sources from Sad & Useless showing what a nicely done makeup can do to you look:makeup1 makeup2 makeup3 makeup4 makeup5 makeup6 makeup7 makeup8 makeup9 makeup10 makeup11 makeup12 makeup13 makeup14 makeup15 makeup16 makeup17 makeup18 makeup19.

And just like makeup artist Donna Bennett once said, “It’s all about how happy you are on the inside that counts most, and if drag queen makeup does that for you then bloody rock it out. Personally, I love glamming myself up on a Saturday while being a homeless bum during the week.”

Same thoughts.

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