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Lavanya Bahuguna


Let PRIVÉ Be Your Brother’s Pocket Stylist This Rakhi

  • IWB Post
  •  August 26, 2015


At JWB, we not only just write about gender equality, we also believe and act to make it a reality.

In a bright mood to celebrate the upcoming festival of Rakhi, we thought to execute this very thought here!

So tell us, why is it always the brother who saves money to buy a surprise Rakhi gift for his sister? Not to forget the ample amount of energy he puts in to think what to buy that will make her smile. This Rakhi, let’s change the rule.

Team JWB went to visit PRIVÉ, a new store in Jaipur that offers exquisite men’s accessories. In no time, PRIVÉ has gained popularity for its finely made pocket squares.


We girls thought – why not encourage our women readers to buy something like a pocket square for their brothers, giving the boring tie and shirt gifts a break!

Moreover, it was Samesh Chhabra, the founder of PRIVÉ, who was going to introduce us to the collection personally. (BTW, we are in love with Samesh’s dressing style. Men, feel free to steal few tips from the pictures shown!)

He began with saying it loud and clear, “It’s time the world should know how important a pocket square is. It completes the look of a man. And also, let’s get over the ‘verity’ that it can’t be worn in every season. Whether you are spotting a waist coat, a bandhgala, Nehru jacket, blazer or a suit; pocket square can work wonders with every style.”


Samesh continued, “Pocket square is to men what jewelry is to women. No gentleman would like to look dry. Pocket squares are your story-tellers narrating the tales of your moods.”

He told Team JWB about few pocket square varieties that can make for special Rakhi gifts. He explained, “Market generally has fabrics like polyester and micro fibers when it comes to pocket squares. This lacks the flair a man can attain in his personality. I suggest to go for fabrics like pure silk, twill silk or wool to make the gift extraordinaire.”

Girls, are we making notes? For those who aren’t really into fabric detailing and all, let us help you. To recognize silk and fine wool, all you need to do is…



To be honest, we couldn’t do much as well. We thank Samesh for he kept calm while we were twisting, hard-pressing and coiling his priceless pocket-squares. Phew!


And see, there are so many prints to choose from:

  • If your brother is a ‘machoman’, he would love solid colors.
  • If he has got a flamboyant personality, go for more playful prints like zig-zags, polkas or mix prints.2
  • If he’s a polo lover, why not get him some horse-prints!Untitled-1
  • If he admires Rajasthani culture; block prints, paisleys and ikats are available too!
  • And if he likes street-style the best, quirky prints like bicycle, birds, florals can be an option for him.Untitled-2

Err….florals! Are you thinking if men want to show themselves in flowery prints? Get over this notion. Flowers have nothing to do with one’s femininity and masculinity. Samesh adds, “In fact, all the botanical prints are unisex!” True that.


And finally we spoke about few favorite styles your brother can don while he is on a Rakhi brunch-date with you! Check them out:

The PuffC2




Puff with Edges


Our girls tried to learn these styles for their brothers but in vain. Their fishy smiles say it all. Lol.


In the end, the handsome-daddy-of-two-pretty-daughters gave us style tips that we are passing on to you, dear Rakhi sisters. Make sure to inform your brothers:

  • To not look like a circus tent, men should wear at the most 3 colors. So if you are wearing a colorful pair of socks (with prints), you can match your pocket square with them.
  • Men with short neck must not try the bow-fashion. You don’t want to look like a highly-maintained waiter, do you? Try to go for pocket squares instead if tie is a no-no.
  • A pocket square’s appropriate dimensions are 13×13 inches. This can be increased.
  • Lastly, a pocket square should not look stiff. One should just forget about being correct and being exact. Let its flow be natural.

Don’t wait, check our PRIVÉ’s collection asap. The gift for your brother will come in this beautiful packaging.


The box is made depicting a drawer signifying how important accessory is to be kept in a safe place. PRIVÉ literally means privacy. The brand is clearly a signature for those men who like to maintain personal collection of exclusive artworks.

What more? The packaging comes with a letter full of affectionate words written to the man receiving it. Girls, isn’t this a perfect gift package?


Photo courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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