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Let Leticia Tell You How To Start A Kickass Online Business In Jaipur!

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  •  October 13, 2015


The first thing you’ll notice about Leticia is her bright eyes. If you manage to overlook them, her infectious smile will win you over. Brazil’s Leticia Sales along with her friend Peeyush runs an online fashion store called ‘Happee‘ providing quality lifestyle items from India, Rajasthan in particular.

Below are the tips from this damsel (not in distress) who guides you on how to get your online work accurate and going!

Make up your mind & fuck the stereotypes

Seriously! When I came to India two years back, I left all kinds of stereotypes about the country behind. Many people tried to freak me out by telling about the infamous Delhi rape case, and how every man on the streets is going to ‘harass’ me. I was told that I can’t wear skirts! 13

I was bored of my job and wanted to do something of my own, and Jaipur gave me the platform. How can I dislike the city, and for that matter, India?12

Trust people

They say don’t trust everyone you come across. Had I not opened my heart to everything I have encountered so far in Jaipur, I would have never found Peeyush and other beautiful friends. India is the 18th country I have been to – and trust me, it’s so far the best.6

Have patience

Take your time to understand the market before trying to speeding up. Your patience level will undergo various other tests. For example in my case, my biggest test of patience was during the time I was looking for an appropriate place to live. Don’t even ask me the stories of how brokers had tried to thug me.42

Don’t compromise on quality

Just don’t. I remember ordering a sample golden-colored fabric and when I received it from one supplier, it wasn’t golden anymore! It was yellow! To which he explained, “Yahi quality bikta hai, aisa hi chalta hai.” (Only this quality sells). This attitude pissed me off. 8

I wondered how a country so rich in art and craft can sell or buy cheap stuff. Thankfully, I didn’t give into any of those ‘lucrative’ offers to save my money at the cost of my future customers’ trust.

If you are a foreigner like me, avail the benefits coming your way!

Because I am like a tourist for most of the people around, the raw-material suppliers often try to fool me by selling at rates that are 10 times higher than the original. They mistake Peeyush with a friend/guide accompanying me and suggest him to earn some commission by luring me into buying their products. In the process, Peeyush gets the real price and check mate!38

Have a reliable partner, in case you’re planning to have one!

I am lucky to have bumped into Peeyush. Having him around gives me a sense of confidence, at that, challenges me to look out for more. You learn new things when you’ve a different perception during the decision-making process. For me, I am learning a lot about Indian culture and values. I absolutely worship moral values of Peeyush’s father..4

Lastly, plan a business that has Beauty (humanly cause) with Benefits (monetary benefits)!

Like our brand – Happee! My name interprets ‘happiness’, and while naming our company, we joined this with initials of Peeyush’s name – making it Happee! Both of us strongly believe that happiness is the highest form of good, and that’s why we spend most of our weekends at orphanages. This is the foremost mission of our brand.9

Also, keep in mind to fulfill your social responsibility. It is a must. Our work doesn’t not support child labor at all, and whenever needed, we raise our voices to show the disapproval. How can one be okay seeing a small child working? That’s why we do our utmost to support future of the underprivileged kids in Jaipur. Sometime, we buy them necessity items, other times we just go and spend a Sunday with them doing creative activities and playing games. Spreading happiness doesn’t always require money, agree?4

Before leaving, we asked Peeyush if he is the quiet-one, to which he quipped with laughter:

12“I just decided to keep a distance while the women were talking. After all, it’s a women’s blog and I don’t want to snatch the limelight!” To which Leticia replied in the most interesting way. Check out their adorable conversation below:

Leticia: All of us in the room are older than you. You did absolutely the right thing! *evil grin*41

Peeyush: Yes, why not!

Leticia: Jokes apart, his specialty has nothing to do with his age. He is excellent in his work field which impresses and encourages me. Not every boy of his age has a balanced mind and control over his speech. Above all, he is my translator in India! *giggles*36

Peeyush: Oh by the way, that guide-thing. It’s so hard to not laugh during such occasions.

Leticia: Hey, do you remember the time I challenged this shopkeeper who was selling some cheap fabric in the name of pure silk.

Peeyush: Lord, he got so angry that he declared at the top of his voice to burn his store if proven wrong. 33

This power-team did prove the unfair shopkeeper wrong and even gave him a small lecture on business morals. Hah!

JWB wishes you all the luck, dear Leticia and Peeyush!

Photo courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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