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Lesbian Couple Jumps To Death In Sabarmati River With 3 Y.O. Daughter

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  •  June 12, 2018

Two married women from Gujarat, who were in a relationship, committed suicide on Monday after throwing the three-year-old daughter of one of them in Sabarmati river.

According to The Times of India, the fire brigade team fished out bodies of 30-year-old Asha Thakor and 28-year-old Bhavna Thakor that were found floating on the river near Gurjari Bazaar side. Asha’s daughter Megha was found breathing but was declared dead after she was brought to the hospital.

The women were from Bavla near Ahmedabad and left a note on the riverfront’s parapet wall with red lipstick. “We have left this world to live with each other. The world did not allow us to stay together. We did not have any men with us,” their message read. Another read, “They also left a message on a paper-dish stating: “This world did not allow us to stay together. When will we meet again? When will we meet.. perhaps in the next birth… we will meet again.”

Both women had had arranged marriages. Asha got married 10 years ago and had two daughters – Megha and another six-year-old. Bhavna got married 15 years ago and had two sons aged 14 and 13. The two had started working together in a factory in Bavla a few months ago and developed a relationship.

MA Singh, police inspector, Sabarmati riverfront (west) said, “Early on Monday, police received a call that bodies of two women and a girl were floating on the side of Gurjari Bazaar. We found khaman (snack) from their bag, which revealed that they had fed Megha before throwing her into the river. Bhavna was identified from the Aadhaar card found in her bag and her relatives were informed about the death.”


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