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‘Leave streets, they will tear your clothes even online’

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  •  November 15, 2014

It is so draining to be a woman these days. Leave streets, they will tear your clothes even online. I don’t care how many articles I will write about feminism. Some of you might find it provoking; others may just ignore it or make fun. But this is me. Feminism for me is defined by men being a ‘good human being’ towards every woman irrespective of her life choices.

It is not funny when women are trolled on internet. It brings the hell out of us when:

  • Someone tags us in a sexist joke on Facebook.
  • When people say things like ‘boys will be boys’ (over to you Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav) and ‘women are coward to speak against such things’.
  • When someone writes a status ‘Watch the movie Rang rasiya or Sex tape, if you know what I mean (wink)’.

Bl**dy misogynist.

Since last few months a man had been demeaning me on Facebook. He would write all sorts of status mentioning me as a ‘fuck*ng b*tch’, a girl who is selfish and doesn’t deserve to be a friend. It was humiliating seeing his friends calling me names in the comments. This went on to next 5 such Facebook updates. This is clearly virtual harassment. Don’t know how much correct he was, but I never reacted to his words. At least, I never showed him what I was undergoing.  However, few common friends took charge and made him understand that this act only marks a cheap behavior and won’t prove his manly strength. Thankfully, he realized.

Here is one example of what a Misogynistic looks like, and he clearly sucks. See here.

Also, you must see this gem from the same family. Presenting Kamaal R Khan.

KRKB1 KRKB2 You go girl!

How can men help?

I would ask men to #MakeYourBroGood. I request all the cool and good dudes to make your bros understand that humiliating a woman is not adding to their stud-factor. Saying that they’ll rape, slap or teach a lesson to a woman isn’t OK. I believe, some of you can create a ripple effect.

By Lavanya Bahuguna

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