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Lazy Fitness Tips

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  •  August 20, 2014

Hello, my ladies! Let’s talk about weekend in the mid-week. Sounds interesting? How easy it is for us to skip the workout while in this holiday mood. In this blog, I will help you stay in touch with your exercise regime so that on Monday you don’t get the blues. If you are hosting a potluck or hitting the pool or just sitting home relaxing this Saturday and Sunday, here come some handy exercises that will keep you fit while enjoying or being busy with household chores.

be-think-positive2 1. Open your eyes on a right note. Thinking negative is a day spoiler. sunday_morning_01 2. Make it a priority to make use of the morning on a Sunday. Come-on, you have no important work to do like packing lunch for kids or getting ready for work. So grab a friend and hit the nearby park and do a little running. Frog-Squat-02 3. In the kitchen, while cooking or chopping veggies; do the task in the SQUAT position. This will help you increase the leg strength and tone your entire body especially backside and abs. squats-and-lunges 4. While the food is cooking on the burner and you are waiting, do the SPOT LUNGES SQUAT. It is effective for building strength and size in your lower-body muscles. stretch_tricep 5. And before serving, do some STRETCHES – for good blood circulation, stress release and good flexibility in joints and other muscles.

19220996-origpic-e6f39b6. Share jokes and LAUGH or SMILE a lot while having a good chat with friends or family during the meal. This will stretch your facial muscles for good!

walk 7. And when you are done with the good drinks and hearty meal, go for a walk with invited friends or your beloved after everyone leaves.

These simple 7 steps and you are done for the weekend! I do it all the time when I am not taking any class or it is a holiday. Trust me, you will be proud of yourself. And yes, if you have missed any of my posts this month, work it out here! Anuradha Saxena, Fitness Blogger for August

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