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Lawyer Deepika Singh On How The Kathua Rape Case Changed Her Life For Good And Bad

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  •  November 6, 2018

“All I know is I want to bring a revolution,” says lawyer Deepika Singh Rajawat, who decided to fight the legal fight for the victim of Kathua murder case despite intense opposition from the political honchos of Kashmir and her own community of lawyers.

It was with the Kathua murder case that Deepika shot to fame earlier this year, the fame which has proved to be both good and bad for her. She instantly became both an icon and a political punching bag as she stood alone in her quest for justice.

Several allegations were made on her, she was accused of seeking material and political gains. While the spiteful allegations unnerved her initially, the sight of an innocent girl being strangled by her own dupatta haunted her at nights and kept her going.

“I have not made a single penny in this case—you can verify it,” she said in a recent interaction with Barkha Dutt for Vogue. She added, “I never thought the entire world would come to know of this case. My life has totally changed—both positively and negatively.”

Speaking on other allegations she said, “Being called anti-national. It’s like being lynched. It’s abuse. What is this kind of nationalism? Our Constitution is secular—how can they bring Hindu and Muslim into the rape of a child? How can you communalise something like this?”

The allegations got so bad at a point that even her family started asking her to drop the case. “At one point, not just Arvind (her husband), even my family asked me to give up the case… I told my brother I could not stop working on this case even if they disowned me,” she shares.

Things got equally difficult when it came to making her six-year-old daughter understand all that was happening and to keep pace with her life and routine. Deepika shares, “Activism is at the cost of your family life. This case has come at the cost of the education of my daughter. I have had to neglect her studies and her health.”

Despite all the odds though, of late Deepika has made the kind of name that she could only dream of. From growing up into a house of limited means where she had to borrow the fee for her law college from a friend’s mom to being known and acknowledged by the likes of Emma Watson, she surely has come a long way. And we are certain bigger milestones await this brave heart.

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