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‘Laughing Moms’ Present Funny Breastfeeding Video ‘Nursing Queen’

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  •  August 18, 2015

YouTube channel ‘Laughing Moms’ has come up with this video that will tickle every mother’s funny bone!

The comedian duo turned the famous song “Dancing Queen” into a lactation-themed anthem called “Nursing Queen.” It shows what a poor mother undergoes during her nursing period, at that, how much beautiful this period is.

Don’t all the mothers on our page agree with the fact that though they miss out on many other things during these years, all that is absolutely worth it??!!

The ‘Laughing Moms’ write: “We love all mommas and want to show our support to those mommas who choose to nurse their babies! That doesn’t mean we think any less of those mommas who don’t nurse, we just want mommas who do nurse to have the freedom to do so!”

Watch the video here:

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