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Lalita Manral Kuchhal: Try, Try, Try and You can!

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  •  May 31, 2014

Lalita, the 1st Jaipur woman entrepreneur in Real Estate, has done Fashion Designing from NIFD, Dehradun and had owned a boutique. She is a fabulous Interior Designer & has won numerous awards for her work. Lalita is an energetic car Racer too! Later she decided to enter the world of the Real Estate following her interest in taking challenges & adding spice to the otherwise monotonous life. She took it head on to succeed in the male dominated world of the Real estate. And all this – while being a fabulous wife and a dedicated mother of a teenage boy!


Her strength:

Her family is her strength as she fondly tells JWB. She finds her solace in her husband Amit Kuchhal by sharing her problems with him. He gives her the strength to fight the stereotypes in this typically male dominated business by telling – ‘if you are weakened by such trivial things then you shouldn’t have entered this trade. It’s all a part and parcel of this job. Go out and show that you are as strong as them.’ Her teenage son Tushar, pursuing BBA, is set to join his mother in her work. The young lad helps Lalita by making her more tech savvy and introducing her to the upcoming technologies suited for her business.


From Fashion Sewing to Site Seeing:

She changed her line from fashion to real estate in well-planned small steps with her husband and her friends being her major financers. According to her, if an investment is really lucrative then she employs loan facilities available in the market for women entrepreneurs. Banks have better and low interest options available for women which can be availed easily.


Path Pebbles:

Her journey so far has been quiet smooth sailing. But there come times when she faces criticism too. This includes back-biting by local property brokers with whom she has to work. According to her: “When I get disturbed, I retreat in my cocoon for some time at home, where I introspect and meditate. This helps me come out more focussed and determined.” Well, that’s the way it is handled! She believes in making her hurdles her strengths and moves ahead in life towards peace and success.

And what Plans for Future are:

She has made some substantial investments this year with well-known groups in real estate like Arihant and ABL. Soon, she will get into a Joint Venture with some major parties & start her work on Land Banking and independent plotting of colonies. All the best, Lalita!

Thumb Rules to Adopt:

When asked how she manages to deal with difficult people in this profession, she shared few rules of her life.

  1. Develop confidence.
  2. Do not cross the limits of behaviour.
  3. Do not over-converse.
  4. Excessive boldness can invite trouble.
  5. Set time limits and avoid getting in risky situations just for the sake of setting a deal.
  6. Have the ability to recognise people’s intentions.
  7. Do not be tempted to compromise for making a deal work.
  8. Have a proper work strategy.
  9. Learn to say NO.


Though few rules seem to be only applied by super-strong people, Lalita is a hope for soft-hearted aspirers. She is soft-spoken and believes in Karmas. This elegant lady knows how to deal with tough situations with panache. Her personality radiates from the peace and serenity in her beautifully decorated office in City Mall, where the sound of water fountain mixes with wind chimes and produces music of soul. We are glad to meet her!

By Ruby Khan,

JWB Journalist

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