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Ladies, Have You Heard Of Banana Fibre Sanitary Pads And Flo Kit?

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  •  August 13, 2015

“I yearn for those blissful days, when I leak like Niagara falls” said no women ever!

From god-awful stomach cramps to the super-bad cravings, and how can I miss the mess it does to our skin. Added to that, we Indians have our absurd orthodoxies. We talk about educating our girls, fight for their rights, act like modernity snobs and yet, we don’t allow them in our kitchens and temples when they’re chumming. For us lucky souls (irony, folks) this is it. But out there, we have a massive lot of women who go through worse.

In the rural zones of India, feminine hygiene products are a luxury neither conveniently available, nor affordable. The women belonging to those areas have no option but to use fabrics during their menses.yourstory-ss-saathi-pads-inside-article-2

Like fairy-godmothers, Kristin Kagetsu and Amrita Saigal felt the plight of these damozels in distress, and poof! They brought forward, eco-friendly sanitary pads made out of banana fibre. And if you’re worried that they ruthlessly waste bananas to make their product, that’s not the fact. Banana fibre is usually a waste product for the farmers. They’re inexpensive and a million times better than those fabrics which cause infections. With hazardous chemicals lacking from them, these sanitary pads also go easy on the environment.yourstory-ss-saathi-pads-inside-article-3

Speaking of feminine hygiene during “that” time of the month, there is another group of students from the ArtCenter College of Design, California, who have created a ‘Flo’ kit, which is of good use to people using fabrics.o-FLO-570

It traps water, washing powder and the stained cloth in a spherical container which has two strings attached to it. On pulling the strings, the box spins and ta-daaa, the rag is all clean. After you’re done washing, you can transform the gadget into a dryer.o-FLO-570 (1)

Personally, I’d still favor killing the taboo by washing it and letting it dry out in the open, but for the people who can’t, Flo kit is a good invention.

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