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Kubali Daiya: “Mai Jaat hu, darti nahi hu”

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  •  December 19, 2014


Oh, what a marvelous woman we met the other day! She is tall, she has the sportsman-strong body and with the husky voice she declares – “Mai Jaat hu, darti nahi hu.”

Definitely, it is not about the community that she belongs to, but surely about her upbringing and self-determination to live this life without any fear. She is Kubali Daiya.


“It is a beautiful unique name.”

“I like my name too”

“How old are you?”


“But you look older.”

“Because I shouldered responsibilities from a very young age.”


By this time we were very sure we want to talk more to this woman and spend some time exploring her life.

JWB – Are you married?

Kubali – I have a seven-month old daughter.

JWB – Wow, she is very young. How do you manage to be away from her for so long?


Kubali – My husband is a farmer, and he offers me great support. I started studying after I got married. Last year I completed 12th grade, and now learning computer basics so that I can get a descent back-office job.

JWB – Such a wonderful husband you have who loves you a lot. Do you two go out often for vacations?

Kubali – Mostly to renowned temples like Khatushyamji, etc.

DSC_0106JWB – And dinner dates?

Kubali – (laughs) we enjoy watching movies at cinema hall and then gulping gol-gappe. He is romantic.

JWB – This, in itself, is a beautiful time spent together. Enough of what you love in your husband. Tell us what you love in yourself.


Kubali – My strong built. I am good at slapping men who tease women on streets.

JWB – We are impressed. How do you maintain a healthy body?

Kubali – I eat healthy and walk to the institute every day. Its 2.5 km from one side, so basically, I walk 5 kms daily.

JWB – And do you have any special beauty regime to keep your hair and skin healthy?

Kubali – I rely on the traditional boroline cream for my skin. And hair, well, my daughter loves tearing them apart, so I can’t do much to keep them safe.


JWB – That’s funny. Since we are a women’s blog, we want to know your thoughts on feminism.

Kubali – For me, it is about how you treat a girl, and it actually begins from your home. I am completely against female foeticide. My family was so happy when I was blessed with a girl. I don’t want more children, I am glad I have a girl in my family.


JWB – Kubali, you are an inspiration for many women out there.

Kubali Daiya is physically disabled. She might not walk as efficiently as you can, but she is a woman of steel. With a hope to make it big someday with advanced computer education, we believe she has already won in her life.


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