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Kritika Jhalani: Artists are not always Born; They can be Made too!

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  •  June 10, 2015


Jaipur based artist Kritika Jhalani discovered her passion for painting when she was around 20 yrs old.

“Though I went through a lot of counseling.”8

This is okay. As long as you find your true path, going through a little anguish is fine. Let’s get known the story of this dream-driven woman who might inspire you to get up again and rediscover yourself with a fresh insight.

Chapter 1

I took up Arts for my graduation. Painting classes, in particular, were torturous. I didn’t know how to draw a simple figure using pencil, leave alone the coloring part. 2Ah, that made me miss several classes. Several. I think it was my inferiority I felt among other artistic students of my class. Before all this, I went through a counseling session as I was confused whether to choose dancing, fashion design, sculptures or painting as my career.

Chapter 2

My teachers at the college really encouraged me to shed the fear and hold the paint brush. 4Since I was always fond of colors, I could connect with this form rather than sketching. By the time my graduation finished, I already had many collections of my work. Amazingly, all of them turned out to be modern art pieces.15

My work mostly shows textures and neon colors. I use colors depending on my mood. For me black is a dull color and using yellow along with it depicts emerging light from the darkness. I am fond of red, green, blue, and orange – the happy colors! Also, Lord Ganesha is my USP. My paintings always have a hint of Him in some form.3

Chapter 3

Holding an art exhibition is altogether a next level for artists, and once again, I needed the inspiration. For me, this happened after I got married. My in-laws get the credit by repeatedly motivating and telling me how beautiful my work is.12So few months back, I could manage to exhibit my work showcasing modern art in bright and neon colors. The fear resurfaced when I saw the work of other renowned artists being displayed in the same gallery. 14But then my paintings combined with jute work were really applauded. I think its human tendency to experience doubts. Important is to pull yourself back every time.

Kritika's work with jute decorating her home

Kritika’s work with jute decorating her home

Chapter 4

Today I am well aware of my talent and I can’t let it go. It took me about 20 yrs, but now I don’t want to waste a single moment not connecting myself to art. I paint whenever I find solace. That’s almost every day. In a way, I am making the most of it!9

Chapter 5

Oh, I have a lot in my kitty. I am planning more exhibitions in future. I also look forward to meet more people from this field and share with them that ‘artists are not always born; they can be made too – with a little motivation of course.’6

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Photograph by: Nupur Agarwal

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