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Karma is no more a B*tch

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  •  November 12, 2014


Hilariously, most of the times this ‘karma’ is not even created by women.

When the world was criticizing Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella’s on saying – ‘women should not ask for raise in salary. It would create a bad karma’- we weren’t judging him. All Nadella wanted to do was to motivate women saying they are capable enough to get a raise by their employers without even asking for it. Well, that can be another interpretation

Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘actions’ which decides our future. The destiny of a human is created by his words, actions and thoughts. No one can escape his/her karma. If you make good causes (karma), you will reap a good future and vice versa for the bad karma.


Talking about woman’s karma, it is mostly at the stage of mercy or hatred. Especially, in Indian culture (majorly in rural areas), where even bearing a girl child is considered a bad karma. In our society, people automatically consider a woman as someone weaker, fearful, dependent, a commodity; or to go on the other extreme side – as bossy, over-smart, and too independent to not fit the Indian ethics. This perception, undeniably, is blocking the way of her successful life.

However, we cannot just keep blaming the society for imposing this karma on woman. After all, there is no smoke without fire. Women, especially Indian, accept destiny as easy as the ‘babus’ accept bribe in our country. Most of us don’t believe in challenging the fate because we fear opposition from family and society. This fear is so sternly engraved that we are ready to give up many beautiful dreams and people in our life.

Remember, the following points are NOT your karma:

  • Being in an abusive relationship.
  • Not being able to complete your education.
  • Giving up in  front of a life-threatening illness.
  • Letting your kids shout at you.
  • Suffering in a job.
  • Being financially weak, etc.

By accepting the above situation as your karma, you are not only ruining your life but also your daughter’s. Our silence is making her go silent as she grows up. If she gets married to an abusive man, she would keep quite. If she sees an accident, she won’t come forward and help. Because that is what we have been teaching her – to be silent, weak, inhuman and fearful. This is how we are carving her Karma.

Jaipur Women Blog requests each one of you to tell your daughter to not settle for less. Tell her to demand for her rights. Because staying weak is not her Karma by any chance. But voluntarily being one is.

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