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Kota Bride’s Family Calls Off Wedding After Dowry Demands Mount To One Crore

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  •  December 6, 2017

Getting married in India is a huge deal. The big fat Indian wedding being the trend, families spend almost everything earned in their lifetime on a celebration!

And then there is a count kept on jewelry, cash, and luxury items given by the bride side. This bloodsucking system just needs to stop! So much pressure to celebrate two people’s bond is a torture.

Dr. Rashi Saxena, a bride from Kota, who is a dentist by profession, gave up in the end and called off the wedding after the groom’s family demanded cash, gold, and silver jewelry worth around Rs. 1 crore on the wedding day on Sunday.

Rashi was getting married to Dr. Saksham Saxena from Gwalior, an assistant professor at the medical college in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Now what Rashi did is commendable but the loophole was dug by the bride’s family to start with. They “as a gift” had already given around Rs. 3 to 4 lakh in gifts and cash, a Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire and five gold coins of 10 grams each to the groom and his family. And this, btw, is apart from the expenditure spent on the wedding which is reportedly between Rs 30-35 lakhs.

Explaining the expenditure, Rashi said, “Being the only daughter, my parents had planned the wedding with all possible luxuries, gifts, and cash in dowry. But the groom and his family wanted more money. Seeing their greed, I decided not to go ahead with the marriage.”

The father of the bride, Dr. Anil Saxena has filed a complaint against the groom from Gwalior and his parents at Nayapura police station on Monday. The investigation is under process. “We have received a complaint from Dr. Anil Saxena against the groom and his family members. But no case has been lodged in the matter as the investigation on the report is underway,” said circle in-charge Harish Bharti of Nayapura station.

The evil will only come to an end when steps are taken by both families. Can we just celebrate the bond and not convert a celebration into a business deal, please?

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