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Know The Woman: Eniola Aluko – England’s Top Striker & A Lawyer

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  •  October 15, 2015


28-year-old Eniola Aluko, is England’s top striker, and also a Lawyer. She recently led the Chelsea Ladies to victory in the women’s FA Cup.

She said at the Women in the World London Summit, “I’ve been through so much to be a women’s football player. I wanted to create history, I wanted to win it for all the people who volunteer, I wanted to win it for so many other people than myself. That’s why it meant so much more than just a football match.”

She made news in the world of football at the mere age of 14. She remembered, “My parents always encouraged me. Even though I was a girl who played football and it was a bit weird at the time, they always encouraged me to play and express myself. I grew up feeling like it was quite cool to play football — it was always something that was accepted. But when coaches disagreed with it, I started to question myself. I looked at Serena and Venus williams, and I thought, ‘I want to be like them because they’re accepted, they’re celebrated.’ I didn’t say anything about it — it was really an internal battle, but I think your talent just proves you right.”

After facing the discrimination experienced by many women players, she decided to pursue a law degree but left it when Chelsea offered her a full-time contract two years ago. She said, “The reality is, women’s football is catching up to a religion, really — men’s football is like a religion. There’s so much money behind it, some of the clubs have been around for hundreds of years, and women’s football is very young.For us female players, money is not our motivation. Football is a huge sport but achievement really is our motivation.”

You go, girl!

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