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Know Laws To Protect You From Online Harassment

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  •  March 25, 2015


Section 66-A is dead and this means people can now enjoy a freedom of speech online. But have a look at these laws, also meant for online media, that can come handy to us:

  1. Sec 507 – punished CI by anonymous communication: whether name/address of sender concealed. Example: threatening FB post or email with fictions email id, posting offensive contents on fb/blog/twitter under a fake name.
  2. Sec 506 – Criminal Intimidation

It includes threats to injure a person/property/reputation. Example: via social media posts alleging a woman has ‘loose morals’

  1. Sec 500 – Defamation

When someone harms another’s reputation by lowering his moral, character with regard to caste, causing it to believe his body is in a loathsome state. Example: calling someone with an offensive name.

  1. Sec 509 – Insulting Modesty

It punishes insulting modesty of woman or intruding upon privacy with max 1 yr jail and/or fine.

  1. Sec 124A – Sedition

Applies if one writes online or draws and posts pictures that may bring hatred/contempt/disaffection towards govt. of India.

  1. Sections 153 and 153A – allow registration of a case against a person giving a statement, written or oral, that incites riots or provokes communal tension and enmity between communities. It’s punishable with imprisonment from 6 months to one year with fine. Section 505 punishes those who spread rumours to cause public disorder with imprisonment up to 3 years.


So next time someone sends you hatred speech or tags you in some nuisance picture online, you know what to do.


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