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  •  February 12, 2014


Till the age of 26 years, I used to think that love is one stupid feeling…

My family started searching for a groom for me 2 years back. I came across many good boys, but my heart didn’t allow me to nod for any one of them. I saw how my parents had got tired and had been losing hope.  And then, one guy came to see me along with his family…

Under pressure, I made up my mind that I would say yes if I found this boy and the family good enough.  The meeting went well and we decided to meet again to give our final answers. The date fixed was January 5th, this year.

As the day was coming near, I started to panic. Christmas was few days away, I wished for a miracle and prayed to Santa to grant my wish of finding me a Mr. Right. Do miracles happen? Well I was about to encounter one.

On Xmas afternoon, I was checking my e-mails when I saw ‘someone’ commenting on one of my blog posts. This person had also sent me a personal mail praising my blog.

Turned out, he saw my profile in a Matrimonial site and expressed his interest. Was that Santa making him e-mail me? (lol) In the whole mail he appreciated my thoughts in reference of FB and blog posts. A hope aroused in me. Without wasting a minute, I too checked his profile on the same matrimonial site and, to my surprise, he had mentioned all those qualities I was looking for! My happiness knew no bound, but there was a deadlock.

A year back, my parents tried to hitch me with him but stopped because our Kundalis didn’t match. Though I was aware about this, he wasn’t. So I decided to tell him what happened a year back.


This way, we also started chatting over internet and then on personal mobile number. In just 2, 3 days we could feel that attachment was growing, and decided to inform our parents. Seeing our happiness, our parents decided to find some cure of the unmatched Kundalis. A meeting was fixed on January 2 (before the 5th Jan. meeting with the former guy) so that we could decide our fate.  This meeting proved to be just a formality because we both already had taken our decisions. And the next day, he texted me: “Will you Marry Me?”

I blushed, smiled and realized I was falling in love. Finally this horrifying 5th Jan meeting was canceled and I felt fortunate to finally find my Mr. Right. We both call our life a “Kismat Connection”. He never fails to express to me how special I am for him. I believe, we are not perfect but we are perfect for each other. Now we are celebrating a Valentine Week, since this is our first Valentine together. On 7th this month, I have received a big bunch of red roses from him. It was an awesome moment. Moreover, we have a lot planned for 14th – Valentine’s Day. I pray that our understanding stays forever.

By Shikha Sharma
HR Executive

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