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Kirty A. Harit: “To keep something alive in you, keep reading”

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  •  January 17, 2015


Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. – Joseph Addison

Meet Kirty A. Harit, who firmly believes that it was her daily reading habit back in the boarding school days that has shaped her personality.


 “People appreciate me for my strong command over the language.”

We indulged in a quick talk with the Writer and new Publisher at her home to extract all about her love for book.


Current read.

Same Soul Many Bodies by Dr. Brian Weiss.


Favorite authors.

Paul Coelho. Currently my new crush is Dr. Brian Weiss.


Book for solo-vacation.

Aah, will I get one? But yes, Dan Brown anytime.


Philosophical, eh?

I am. *chuckles*


Book that reflects you.

I would rather say books that I can relate to are from author Sudha Murthy’s desk.


Best feminist moment in a book.

It was in the book ‘Namesake’ narrating dialogues between the husband and wife. It was the turning point where the wife wanted to leave the home in a quest to find herself amidst all her responsibilities. Husband’s words are encouraging and provocative telling her how a woman can re-discover herself. And, the wife stayed.


And one book that is always in your bag?

Bhagavad Gita as It Is.

Shopping joints.

Mostly online unless I step into city libraries once in a while. Flipkart and amazon.in have it all.


How do you judge a book?

By its name and not the covers. The name has to justify the topic inside.

Recommendation for us.

My book! Next year it will be on shelves.


You are a new mother, how do you find time to read?

I keep one hour before bedtime for my book. And I do this daily without fail.

What keeps you glued?

It’s one’s passion, I guess.


What will you choose as your 1 year old daughter’s first read?

She has already started! I read her the graphical book of Krishna. Her smile makes me sure that she loves it.

Any message?

To keep something alive in you, keep reading.

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