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Khyati Chandra: ‘I want to make people Textile-awakened’

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  •  May 15, 2015


Khyati Chandra is a Textile Designer based in Jaipur. Team JWB reached her home early in the morning (before she leaves for work) to talk about her inspiration and future prospects of this career.


After constantly fighting with myself and deciding whether I want to be a Doctor or a Fashion Designer, I went to Indian Institute of Crafts & Design (IICD), Jaipur. It is the only college in India that provides courses for crafts and designing. I did my 4 yr graduation from there and got many chances to practically learn about various arts and their related cultures._MG_8346a

During this time, I got to visit places both in India and abroad where I met many artisans and learnt their styles of artwork. As a part of my internship, I even made a documentary ‘Banaras: the city of Stories’ with my team featuring not just the famous Banaras saree/thread work but the lives of workers attached to this fame._MG_8349a


I have worked with ‘Crafts Tradition’, a sister company of the ‘Kingdom of Dreams’. There I was able to learn many kinds of crafts, leather work, natural fiber technique, etc. _MG_8360aLater I joined Fab India and since then, I have been working with the brand. Here, my main focus is on revitalizing the ethnic prints.


I wish I knew what I wanted to be a little earlier than this. I wasted so much time on wrong subjects. I studied Biology for like 3 years!_MG_8366a


I want to take forward my designing skills by enrolling myself in my dream college abroad. At that, I also want to see how non-Indians react to Indian art and craft. I want to make people ‘Textile-awakened’. Yeah, that’s a term I just made up._MG_8337a


I pursued textile designing over the regular fashion designing because I wanted something more profound. Typical fashion and runways might take you away from the ground – but for me, textile designing has kept me close to people. I have been constantly visiting interiors of India to meet the local artisans who are the real heroes behind those successful and beautiful prints we wear._MG_8367a

My dream is to revive Indian textile. I want to play with diverse textiles together. I want to play with prints. I can see Rajasthan’s Block Printing getting mixed with Kolkata’s Shibori art! All this, soon. Very soon._MG_8372a

Amen. We loved young Khyati’s confidence. She gives credit to the kind of independent parenting she has received.

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Photographer – Shashank K Tyagi

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