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“Keeping it bushy, trimmed or clean is a woman’s personal choice”

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  •  June 11, 2015


Don’t worry if you haven’t got time to shave, girl. According to a survey, your man actually loves it bushy! There isn’t any shame talking about Pubic Hair openly and about the management of the ‘godown down there’. We have always been discussing beauty tips, right?

A survey from Huff Post with Ask Men gave a boost to my female ego. For those who are highly concerned about the matter ‘below their belly’, here is how this survey broke down.

On asked what kind of pubic hairstyle do men prefer, 41% said they desire a bald vagina where almost 9% denied dating women with a bush. Majority of men are more concerned about hygiene and comfort level of their female counterparts, which is a good sign.
Ladies (and gentlemen) seriously, wear your body hair the way you want. If someone you are allowing the great privilege and pleasure of seeing you naked dares to complain, drop them like a hot potato.

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