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‘Kaur Project’ Compiles The Heartwarming Stories Of Sikh Women

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  •  February 18, 2017


Canada-based photographer-writer duo, Saji Kaur Sahota and Jessie Kaur Lehail capture the lives of Sikh women and what being a Kaur means to them.

Kaur is a name used by Sikh women as either their middle or last name. Their stories compiled with photos, “Kaur Project,” aims to highlight and celebrate the modern day identities of the Kaur women across the world.

“ A new generation of Kaurs exist as teachers, lawyers, artists, entrepreneurs, doctors, homemakers, filmmakers and more, all carrying on the movement of revolutionary women. They have found brave new ways to reflect their identities while offering their own unique voices to public discourse. We are proud to call them our contemporaries — they are sources of inspiration, wisdom, and leadership, who deserve to be known,” their project mission reads.img_2

Till now, Sahota and Lehail have featured the stories of over 60 women; and their diverse identities and personalities reflect their vision perfectly,  ‘Every Kaur has a story!’

Below are some stories and pictures of a few Kaur women they have covered:

Paaras Kaurimg_5

“My role as a Kaur…through my medical practice and hobbies is to help other women find their strength, externally and internally. I believe being fit and healthy externally is an extension of internal strength and health and vice versa, they are interrelated.  Finding and maximizing your body’s physical potential is instrumental in its functionality and longevity.”

You can read her full story here.

Lily Kaurimg_7

“My experiences are similar to other Kaurs on the Western coast — many of us are daughters of immigrants. I grew up around immigrant struggles and they shaped who I was. As a teenager, I went to the Gurudwara, where I learned about justice and fighting for what is right, standing up for those who are marginalized and have no access to power. This is where the foundations of my spirituality merged with Sikhi values. As I moved on to university, my spirituality, academia, and social justices values coalesced, rising to form my community work. “

Read her entire story, here.

Rupinder Kaurimg_4

“My mom, during times of difficulties, is the person who is able to see the positivity of a situation. Really though, she embodies the pillars of Sikhism and has shaped my outlook.

Both of my parents instilled Sikh values in our household. My father ensured we spoke Punjabi at home and I have fond memories of going to the Surrey Gurdwara in the evenings with him. I grew up as a bit of a tomboy. I hung out with my brothers doing things boys typically do.”

You can read her complete story here.

Chanan Kaurimg_3

“For me, Kaur literally means whatever God provides us. Coming from a place where everything is taken away, having no money, no direction, it is my belief, my faith in something bigger that helps me to overcome the heartaches and rejoice in the goodness. I was eight, nearly nine, when the partition happened. I remember being in our home, where Pakistan is now and hearing a bit of noise. The weeks and months beforehand there were problems, we heard rumblings, and would hide at the local Gurdwara. Never did we think we would have to evacuate our homes and lives. It happened all of a sudden, my older and younger brother and I were told to evacuate quickly. We could hear bullets and then a truck appeared from another village that was rounding up children. We barely got to say good bye to our parents.”

Read her complete story, here.

You can read more stories of Kaur women on their website, here.

Photo Source: Kaur Project Website

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