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Karnika Thought Of Personalized Wedding Vows When She Had Cold Feet Right Before D-Day

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  •  November 5, 2017

If there is one thing that lights up the world, it’s love. It’s that strangely beautiful feeling that accepts the person for its imperfections and flaws. There are complications, difficulties, impossibilities but in the end, love makes everything simple.

Meet Karnika Budhiraja who is madly in love with her husband Mohit Kathuria and got married in just 4 months of knowing each other. The couple even penned the cutest set of personalized vows for each other which they read just before the pheras.

Karnika and Mohit met on Tinder and are now a happily married couple who run a fitness magazine together.

What made you swipe right for Mohit?

Actually, we did meet on Tinder but I never swiped right his profile. *chuckles* I had linked my Tinder profile to my Instagram so when he saw my profile he sent me a message on Instagram. We started talking and exchanged numbers. We had spoken for straight 8-9 hours the first time he rang me up. We started talking at 10:30 PM and went on till 6 in the morning. In fact, he had proposed to me on the same night! But I ignored his question because I thought it would be a huge stupidity to answer.

Was there any Expectation V/s Reality situation?

When I saw Mohit’s profile on Instagram I thought he must be a Casanova, I got such vibes. When I met him, I found him quite opposite. He wasn’t hiding anything and was the sweetest person I have ever met. He was generous, kind-hearted and made me feel so so comfortable on the first meeting. Sometimes all you need is that one meeting.

So, was he like how you’d imagined your dream partner to be like?

A billionaire or a millionaire was never on my list. I always wanted to marry somebody with whom I can build our empire with, with whom I can earn my dreams and enjoy my life. When I met Mohit, we had so much fun and so much similarity.

He had already proposed to you earlier, so when and what made you say yes?

We both are like-minded with similar dreams and we also look upto similar people for inspiration. We connect on a lot of things. We are very similar at almost everything except for one which is I am a big foodie and he is very conscious about his eating habits. I am a typical Punjabi woman who loves butter chicken, and he eats clean!

There was never an official proposal. He later didn’t have to pop the question because eventually, we both were clear about each other’s intentions. We both had met each other’s family.

Tell us about the band baaja baarat day!

We actually kind of had a runaway wedding. They knew about the wedding but made a choice to not attend. My family was apprehensive of the decision as we were financially stronger and they wanted me to get married into a rich family, which is not wrong because they are parents. But love doesn’t see money and you know how they say “you aren’t wealthy if you don’t have something that money can’t buy.”

Mohit’s parents were quite supportive though. The good part is all’s well now!

It’s true when they say love mends everything. So, how did you both think of creating personalized vows?

It was something that came to us at that very moment. We got married in just 4 months of knowing each other which is a very short span of time. The initial days are when you want to be your best version and you hardly know anything about each other. When we were getting married we wanted to promise each other few things. I got cold feet because I didn’t know if I could adjust to few things. I didn’t want to change myself under pressure and none of us can change our habits fortnightly. To take vows was not planned at all but something that happened with the flow.


We’re super curious to know what the vows were. Please tell us.

I’ll begin with my vows.

My first vow was to let me sleep till late. I am an extremely lazy person and I hate waking up early. I am not at all a morning person and for me, if you let me sleep properly I am happy throughout the day. Haha! My second vow was to love him much more than I ever did. My third and the last vow was to pick up his wet towel from the bed with a smile.

His first vow was to be my bodyguard forever. The second one was that I don’t ever drink his protein shakes and I gym regularly, and his third vow was to hold my shopping bags always.

Aww! Personalised vows are not in our tradition, how would you advise incorporate them into the wedding?

I think the best time to say your vows is during varmala. That is when all eyes are on you and everybody can be a part of your vows. We read them to each other before pheras.

Which of these vows will have its tweaks?

I think I already kind of have. I promised to go to the gym but haven’t since 6 months. But he understands that this is not my thing and even if I join him, I usually make videos. I think if he drops his habit of putting the wet towel on the bed, I’ll feel bad. I will miss if he doesn’t.

What was the most memorable date after marriage?

It might sound cliché, but to be honest, every day is a date for us. We both are like kids when we’re together. In the past one year, we have hardly partied with anybody else. We are crazy and super fun when together.

You work together. How do you both bring romance in your everyday routine?

Mohit is a super romantic person so he slips sweet things in between. You have to be professional when you’re at work though. You can’t let personal things come in between. One thing that is really good about him is that he never lets us sleep without sorting out the fight, be it a professional or a personal matter.

Do you both have a secret language that you use at work?

Not really. We have a very chilled out environment at work. We want to keep everything as transparent as we can. Even when Mohit and I have a loud discussion over something, everybody knows we both will sort it out in 5 minutes.

Did the stylist in you invent a style during your wedding?

I actually didn’t get time to arrange anything. We just had 2 days to figure out everything. My in-laws were very supportive and helped me out throughout. Chuda, wedding outfit and few such things which generally come from the bride side were bought by them. Even though my choices were a bit expensive, they didn’t bother about the money at all!


They knew it. Time, distance, nothing could separate them. Because they knew it was right, it was love. ~Sleepless in Seattle

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