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Kanjarbhat Community Continues With Virginity Tests, Resorts To Attacking Opposers

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  •  January 22, 2018

Remember IWB’s  conversation with the Vivek Tamaichikar, the founder of ‘Stop The V Ritual’ Whatsapp group followed by Krishna Indrekar and Aruna Indrekar? We talked at length about the undignified ritual of virginity test of the bride that the Kanjarbhat Community follows. And sad to say, even today, opposing the ritual means facing the ire of the community.

Recently, three members of the Kanjarbhat community in Maharashtra opposed, when a newly-wed bride was asked to go along with the practice of virginity test. These three are part of the WhatsApp group and have been spreading awareness against the degrading practice.

They were attacked by the people of their own community for raising their voice and taking a stand. An FIR filed by them against 40 people of the community has led to the arrest of two. Not the only incident, the community has, in the past too, taken severe measures against the protestors.  

The virginity test followed by the community includes the village panchayat spreading a white bedsheet in the room of a newly-wed couple and waiting outside while they consummate their marriage. The woman passes the test only when the sheet is stained red- a proof of her virginity, in the absence of which she is humiliated and accused of having a physical relationship prior to her marriage. She is then asked whom she lost her virginity to, followed by penalizing both the bride and the man.

If either the bride or groom or their families show their unwillingness to the payment of the fine, they are socially boycotted. Vivek Tamaichikar along with his group of 40 members has been fighting to erase such evils from their society and trying to make the believers of the practice understand the errors of their ways.

H/T: The Quint

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