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Kangana Ranaut returns with her talk on Fairness Products

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  •  May 27, 2015


While ‘Tanu weds Manu Returns’ claims to be a hit in the box office, we are hit with another badass quote by Kangana Ranaut. You remember, she has already stated the reason why she’ll never endorse a fairness cream, but the fiery actress has taken the ‘colour talks‘ a step further.

In an interview to NDTV, Kangana spoke candidly about the concept of skin lightening creams:

That’s why it took me 10 years (to make it big) because I don’t do shows, I don’t go for awards, I don’t dance at weddings and that’s why many agencies abandoned me. Me and my sister work because they just couldn’t handle (it). I could never understand why should brown people be white. This is not even an acceptable word – ‘fair.’ People tell me that I don’t know English but they should know what is acceptable and what is not. You are pale, you are dark, you are brown or you are black there is nothing called fair. So stop using this humiliating word and I think the government should ban these products and I have actually said no to many such products and that’s why you see me in very few endorsements. I think these things are sort of instilling an inferiority complex in our youth, in our women, in our men and it’s just stupid.

Yes, it is stupid, and we love that someone dares to talk about it. Share your thoughts on the concept of fairness in your comments.

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