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JWB’s Ode To The ‘Filmy’ Wannabes

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  •  August 5, 2015

I hate to break it to you, but Bollywood has been serving you with enormous lies in the name of tactics to impress girls.

To all those men, who burn their vehicles’ precious petrol while chasing chicks on the streets; those human musical-instruments, who waste their precious breath whistling on women; and those ‘oh-so talented’ singers who assume that we’re Indian-Idol judges…STOP! Seriously!raan171

Just because you’re sporting Akshay Kumar’s hairdo from Kambakkht Ishq, that does NOT mean you’ll alter your mannerisms to match his. The only expression you would evoke from the woman of your interest would be a really-really dirty look. And I can’t assure you about what the people she is accompanied by are capable of. Their reaction could range from mild cuss words, to a black patch under your eye. And yes, you could also end up in jail, (un)proudly bagging the title of a harasser.


Stalking has become a trend these days. The term which once upon a time used to be downright creepy is now connoted in an agreeable way. Well, let’s blame our dear film industry and Facebook for that. For one gives us the idea and the other shows us the way. Admit it fellas! At least for once in our lives, we’ve all stalked someone on Facebook. But is that right? Isn’t that intrusion in someone’s privacy? Receiving a cheese-laden message from a freak who saw you at the mall isn’t something to be surprised at now.

I mean what do they expect? That we’ll respond to their love and make a sequel to DDLJ with them? It doesn’t work that way, guys. Nothing is more attractive than a well behaved gentleman. What you watch on the silver screen is just a role being played by an actor.


“I wish this attractive dude grabbed my wrist and danced around me like a monkey, on Gandi Baat” said no woman ever.

The movies being made these days seldom encompass sense. Instead of using this platform to inspire people, they present unfunny comedy which more than often, objectifies women and transforms men into dunce wannabes. Watch them to kill time and select what you grasp wisely.

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