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JWB’s Happy Meal With Step-By-Step Kids

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  •  April 22, 2015


Just like everyone, we sometimes go to McDonalds too. Yesterday when our team was having a hearty breakfast at one of the McDonalds outlets in the city, our ears were buzzed with a sudden jolt of noise.We turned our heads to see many cute, little and plump kids from the city school Step By Step entering the family restaurant. They had come there to check out how the McD’s kitchen works! (Interactive sessions like this one certainly help young minds grow sharp)

Their 5 lady teachers were guiding them to stand straight in rows while politely requesting to not make any noise. But that lasted for just few seconds when the little ones’ whisper turned into a non-stop racket of talks and giggles. Though we don’t blame the kids, we blame the fun ambiance of McDonalds. *evil grin*

We couldn’t stop but started observing the teachers who were busy managing these ‘uncontrollable yet lovable’ kids with bright smiles on their faces. And when we asked them to pose for our camera, this is what we got:mcdonald Stepbystep

Such a lovely bunch, isn’t it? We enjoyed our meal with all of them and undoubtedly, it was the best McD-meal ever!

Do you have a memory of your teacher to share with us? Write in the comments below!

[Photographer – Shashank K Tyagi]

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