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JWB’s Exclusive Chat With India’s Leading Career Counselor – Pervin Malhotra

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  •  April 3, 2015

Today, April 3, Arch Academy of Design celebrated 15th year of foundation with a very renowned guest, Ms. Pervin Malhotra – the leading career counselor of India. Pervin was here to live talk to students and media, answering their career-related queries.

Arch Academy’s Director Archana Surana too interacted with the audience and introduced Pervin to them.

Pervin is the Executive Director, Career Guidance India (CARING) and has been writing for print media since many years. We got a chance to spend few minutes with the lady to get career-counseling for you and your child:

JWB – What kinds of career profiles haven’t been explored by women yet?Pervin Malhotra – There isn’t any job that a woman cannot do. She has a great gift of multitasking. But there are certain fields for which she is not apt based on the tough demands the job asks for. Example, in Armed forces. A woman cannot be sent on war-front since it is considered unsafe for a woman to get trapped in enemy’s catch. But time is gradually changing like Merchant Navy has now started providing flexible working slots for women.

JWB – Is it time our corporate companies embrace the flexible work timings?Pervin Malhotra – But for not all kind of jobs. There are already jobs which give you permission to work from home and not to spend the whole day in office. On the other hand, there are jobs like client-servicing where a person got to be present in the office to attend meetings, monitor the team or manage the clients.

JWB – Talk about career-pursuit in women’s case.Pervin Malhotra – Career profiles in metro cities are based on both growth of that city and people living there. Women in metro cities are more adventurous and experimenting in nature, while majority of women in small cities look for safety in a job. You can see women in developing cities are more into bank or teaching jobs while women of developed cities can be seen into jobs like adventurous sports club, stunts, NGOs, art-culture organisations, etc.

JWB – People fear changing their current field of work which somewhere stops their growth too. What is the solution for this?

Pervin Malhotra – I won’t suggest them going for a drastic change. Switching from one company to another in a similar profile is an easy decision. But changing the profile along with the company must be done when you’re very sure about your caliber.This strategy is called Hop-Step-Jump. I ask women to follow their interest and research about the field in which they want to go next. Women can start new work during weekends while continuing the previous job until they’re ready to make a shift.

JWB – Guide the parents how they can help their kids choose the right career.

Pervin Malhotra – Children must start the planning from class X when they decide about their subject streams. When they are clear about their interest, the next 2 yrs (class XI and XII) will refine and polish them in that particular field.

JWB – But there are times parents try to overpower their kids and throw them into an all-together different stream. What should be done in such situations?Pervin Malhotra – In this case, the kid must prove why his/her choice is better! If you want to become a DJ and parents are against it, make them meet a successful DJ of your city and let them know the career prospects of this kind of job. But before this, the kid must be very sure about the same. The children can also opt for Psychometric Test to assess their current abilities.

JWB – What is your way of counseling a child?

Pervin Malhotra – I look for 4 things – interest area, capability, health and parent’s financial situation. The career he/she wants to step into must be of an interest area, suits them health-wise and not become a burden on their parent’s shoulders.

JWB – Coming back to women’s career options, give few suggestions to women who want to start up a new business after a sabbatical.

Pervin Malhotra – What I am going to say also applies to women who have never worked before and now want to explore themselves. Foremost is to explore the market. Understand if your business is going to cater some sort of the market need or not. Second, mix your abilities with the market demand. Don’t rely on someone else to do the work for you when you are a novice. You are your own team and unlike an 8-hour job, business will make you work 24×7 since you will have to look for raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, everything! Ask yourself if you are ready for this. And third, have a strong financial base. If you want to form a team, you got to have finances.

JWB – Can women have it all?

Pervin Malhotra (laughs) – Why not? She’s caring, calm, and compassionate, she has got skills for child development, and she is a brilliant counselor. The moment she discovers her potential, she can have it all. Plus, it is very crucial for her to choose a job where she is able to give her best to the family as well in order to not undergo a feeling of guilt.

Photo Credit:  – Shashank Tyagi

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